LIFESTYLE: Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Happy Halloween guys! I'm not a huge fan of Halloween (too American for me) but I am a fan of pumpkin so I made a pumpkin pie! 

You will need:

450g of pumpkin (cubed)
75g Brown Sugar
2 large eggs
1 egg yolk
1tsp cinnamon 
1stp nutmeg
275ml double cream

I had no idea how to cut a pumpkin so I ran to Mumma Jean who cut it up in chucks and gave it to me in a sandwich bag!

1. Preheat your oven to 200c

2.  I used shop made pastry (because I'm lazy), lined my pastry case and put in the oven for 15mins

2. I put the chunks of pumpkin in the oven for 20 mins

3. After taking both pumpkin and pastry out I mashed the pumpkin so it made a pureƩ

4. In a bowl mix the eggs and egg yolk together

5. Put the sugar, spices and cream in a pan, mix and bring to a simmer

6. Once this is done add everything into the bowl and mix through

7. Pour the mixture into the pastry case. Set your oven to 180c and place in for 35/40 mins

8. Remove pie from oven and allow to cool. (Keep away from people that will take a slice before you've taken a proper photo of it)

Photo taken on my phone

 And there you have it! Lovely pumpkin pie for Halloween! It tastes awesome with cream! I think sometime this weekend I MIGHT make scones! 

Sorry I've been MIA from the blog... work and personal reasons but I'm back yay!


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LIFESTYLE: My Trip To Bath

If you guys follow my twitter/instagram (you should, links below) you'll know that last weekend I went to bath for a getaway.

Straight from work on a Friday Teddy and I headed to Paddington Station to get the train to Bath Spa. Our train was delayed for 30mins so by the time we arrived in Bath we were knackered and starving. Luckily right next to our hotel was a wagamamas

I haven't had wagamama in ages so I finished my Yaki Soba VERY quickly. I also decided to get a juice rather than my normal fizzy drink as I knew I'd be a naughty eater over the weekend. Then we left because my stomach was full and I was sleepy. Good times.

The next day we got up early and went to Bath Spa. As well as the history of Bath, its one of the reasons why people visit. It was £27 for two hours where you can use the rooftop pool, Minerva Pool and Hot Rooms. We got there at when it opened at 9 as it gets VERY packed. We weren't allowed to take photos (BOO!) but believe me it was amazing. 

We were the first people in the Minerva Pool so we swam around for about an hour before anyone else entered. The outdoor pool was lovely. Even though the day was overcast, the pool was warm and the views were delightful. It was so relaxing. After our time in the spa we felt so relaxed it was hard to walk! Our bodies had just shut down and relaxed on us!!

It doesn't take me long to get hungry so we went searching for somewhere that sold tea and scones

The Bath Bun was the cutest shop. It just felt so English!

I went for a peppermint tea, scone with jam and cream, Teddy (who still is clearly a child) went for a hot chocolate and scone. The scone was freshly made. It was still warm. Okay...I just made myself hungry.

We went the rest of the day exploring and shopping around. I practically spent most of my time in the yankee candle store

For our dinner we went to a place called Revolution which is kinda like a diner. I even decided to have a curly bob!

 The food was so tasty and filling. The cocktails were even better

This cocktail was called Sweetshop and had Stoli Razberi vodka with banana liqueur, bubblegum syrup, shaken with cranberry juice, topped with lemonade and had a sweet on the top. Yummy!!

I'm the weird girl that orders three sides instead of a huge meal. So I got chicken strips, sweet potato wedges and onion rings. And I ate them ALLLL!

After the meal we decided to stroll around and see what Bath was like at night. Its even more beautiful.

So that was my weekend away! I'm already wishing I could go back. Have any of you been to bath? Or live there? Comment below


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Blogtober // #Girlpower

I just hashtagged in a blog post. Oy.
Part of me hates myself.

I get girls can be bitchy to each other. I went to an all girls school so I know what it's like. I figured by the time we reached in our 20s girls would empower other girls. Clearly this is just a dream.

I'm sure you've heard or read the horrible article about blogger Zoella that had everyone on twitter angry. That's just an example of how mean people can be these days. I know everyone seems to loooooove mean girls (apart from me) but this whole 'You Can't Sit With Us' vibe a lot of girls are giving off is horrible and it really has to stop.

Last week I got called a skinny bitch by some horrible girl. One check yourself before you wreak yourself and two she hasn't even met me and was judging me.

I just think we should be each others cheerleaders. If you don't like what another girl is doing just say nothing! How people can hurt others feelings is beyond me. Smile at each other, be proud of each other. #girlpower all the way!!


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BEAUTY: My New Lush Products

Hello lovelies! 

My train was delayed by 20 minutes after work and I found there was a lush in Victoria Station so I automatically went there. I find lush magical, I really do. I think it's the amazing staff and the smell(s). Anyway lemme shut up and review the products.

Luxury Lush Pud
IT'S CHRISTMAAAAAAS! Well, at least in Lush. I think it's Halloween there too. Anyway.. the luxury lush pud is Lush's take on the Christmas pudding. If you've tried the twilight bath bomb is smells pretty much the same. It has lavender in it which helps you relax so its perfect for before bed or after a long day at work where your boss is annoying you so much you could scream and/or cry. It fizzes in the bath like most of the lush bath bombs so your water is pink with little random blobs of other cool colours. It looks like how I imagine a planet to look like haha!!

Magic Wand

I think this product was made for me. Yes, my favourite colour is pink. Yes I wish I was a fairy princess with a wand and yes I love Lush's Snow Fairy more than I love Chinese food. It's snow fairy as a reusable bath bomb and its awesome. It makes your bath pink, it has a bell on it and it makes BUBBLES!! I think I might have to stock up on these!

So there you have my lovely lush products that smell nice and make me all happy *dances* What are some of your favourites?

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Blogtober // Time

*What are the chances this is about time and I forget to schedule it and my Wifi was down. Sorry guys*

How often do we say 'I haven't got the time' or 'that takes too much time'? It's scary how quickly time is going. Halloween is next week, Christmas is soon, and my Godson is starting school next year.

These days everything is so on the go, with ready made meals and drinks, everything you need is on your phone. Do we really have time to just relax.

I personally wish I could relax all day and night, but I have a job and a social life to try and keep up with. Teddy has just started a new job with longer hours so I barely get to see him on weekdays.

I think with the stresses of work, life and the world we should take more time out away from it. Every night (when Teddy can be bothered to cook) I try and forget my troubles, turn my phone on aeroplane mode and just enjoy my time. It makes me feel balanced and feel like the world stops spinning just for a few hours. 

Try it! You might have a new sense of serenity 

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Blogtober // A Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed

I'm talking about friendships on the blog today. Gonna keep it to one subject: A friend in need.

So I need your advice. Have you guys ever had a friend that so clearly needs help but won't take it? Cause I do, and I feel awful.

It may sound silly, but when I die and people ask about me I would love for someone to say 'She was a nice person'. I try and be as nice as possible to my friends and people around me regardless on how I'm feeling. Being nice doesn't cost anyone anything.

How do you help someone that's basicallay screaming for help with depressing facebook statuses, no friends or social life and that has a douchey boyfriend that won't let her do anything. Someone that's physically and mentally been through so much. I've sent texts asking to meet up, saying I'm here to talk to and all sorts. No one else cares and asks why I'm bothering. I'm starting to feel helpless. I'm starting to feel bad for having good things in my life in case I'm making her feel down about herself.

I just want people to know that if you do feel down and sad reach out to someone. Talk about it. Someone is there to listen. And if not I'm here! Message me, I'm always free to talk and rant to :)

Comment below... I need your advice on this one people!


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HEALTHY LIVING: Starting Again

I am back from my weekend in Bath and my diet took a battering. In all seriousness I think it was needed. I wanted a cool, relaxing and stress free weekend which meant I could eat all the fried food I wanted...and I did.

I should hopefully get paid this week which mean I get to buy some juicing ingredients! Is it sad how excited I am for that? I haven't had a homemade green juice for so long I feel dirty. It also means I can start my classes again. I love doing fab abs and pilates every week. It keeps me active and meeting new people.

Yesterday I bought a pair of leather trousers because I want to be Kendall Jenner because they look awesome...yet I didn't. I had to squeeze into a size and once I did my huge muffin top was on show and I saw my serious lack of butt. Lets just say my confidence has plummeted severely. On the plus side...I have new goals for the new week.

I really want to work on my stomach region. It's the place I haven't been able to lose weight in forever! I look so dumpy I have want to cry! I've been researching this and I have certain exercises and diet changes to really target that area.

I also want to gain a butt! I'm not talking a Nicki Minaj ass as I don't have the money, but sitting on bone isn't the nicest feeling. I already do 250 squats a day but I'm thinking of adding some weights to the equation to see if I can make a difference.

I'll most likely discuss this in a different post, but I feel mentally well after this weekend. I've been feeling so down due to people and stupid stuff going on in my life. But i'm gonna start this week positive...and lets see where that goes

Comment Below Beautifuls


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Blogtober // Staying Positive

Everyone has down days. Days when you don't feel like you're good at anything. Days when you feel lonely. Days when you just feel sad and nothing can make you feel better.

I have these days often, so I've been trying to think of ways to make me feel better.

I always think of a holiday where I really enjoyed myself. I chose Crete- my holiday this year. I was at my goal weight, I had just started a job and I was surrounded by family.

I also try and think about the good in my life. A boyfriend that cares and loves me. A flat i'm paying for. A job that pays well. And a group of friends that I wouldn't swap for the world

Sometimes life is shitty and that completely sucks. Just remember it's gonna be okay soon. Promise

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LIFESTYLE: The Perfect Housewarming

This post was originally going to be about making chocolate cupcakes with cookie dough icing...but I completely forgot to take photos and my friend ate them all so I can't even tell you if they tasted good! So I've decided to do it about my tips on hosting a housewarming. 

Good Food & Drink
I'm not saying you have to cook a three course meal but make a lil summin' summin'. Joey made Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings, Macaroni Cheese and Potato Skins with either Cheese and Chive or Cheese and bacon

A Good Guest List
You don't HAVE to invite everyone! Invite who you actually like and can speak to easy or else you'll be praying that they don't attend.

Music is Key
Music defines the whole night. If you've decided to put on the latest RnB tunes you got a party with dancing and foolishness! If you've gone for jazzy tunes you've got people eating and discussing important stuff. It really depends on the night you're going for

Clean, Clean and Clean Some More
 People are nosy. They'll make note if you've left dirty underwear on your floor.

Be Humble. Don't Show Off
I'm forever thankful for the fact that I can afford to live with my boyfriend and that we have been living together for three years. I understand that a lot of people my age still live with their parents or maybe don't even have a job. I would never invite people to my house just to show off or show I'm better than them. It's not kind and it's tacky.

By the time this goes up I'll be travelling to BATH! Teddy arranged a getaway for us as we've been so stressed. So check out my instagram the next couple of days for some cool photos. I'll still be doing Blogtober don't you worry :)


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Blogtober // I Need to Grow Up

My morning routine from I leave my bed is, check the time, give Joey a squeeze and kiss then check twitter and instagram. (Who even bothers with facebook anymore? It's all babies and proposals). All I see are the Jenner girls, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas and I wish I was in the circle.

So I figured, I need to grow up. These people are younger than me! They're just kids and I'm being a fool and looking up to them! I love Kylie Jenners style (but if I see ANOTHER blogger do a lip tutorial I'm going to scream!), I wish I had the body like Kendall and I kinda wish I was dating Biebs or Harry Styles.

I need a change. Be more professional. Stop naming my Teddy Bears....maybe just stop buying Teddy bears. I feel like I'm having some sort of quarter life crisis epiphany. I need to be more Gwyneth Paltrow less of a Kendall Jenner wannabe.  



Probably Not.


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BEAUTY: Good Skin After a Night Out

On Saturday I had a few friends over and drank and ate a lot of crap (Sorry Teddy, food was tasty the scales just didn't appreciate it). The next day my face looked horrible. My BFF said I should write tips on how I get it back to normal.

Stay Hydrated
It's my good friend water again. If you've been drinking lots of alcohol you'll probably be dehydrated anyway, and you're probably begging for help with that hangover too

Face Mask Time!!
I have a pamper night every Sunday just relax and get ready for work so a face mask is already lined up. I tend to use mud masks to detoxify my skin and bring back the moisture I've lost over the weekend.

No Make Up
I tend to have Friday and/or Saturday out so I have Sunday to relax. Which mean going make up free. This is great to let your skin just breathe and not get clogged up.

My personal lifesaver. After my face mask I lather on this bad boy. It's mostly good for rashes and baby stuff but it just works great on your face. It's a bitch to wash off so I wear it at night so by the time I wash my face in the morning its deep in my skin

So those are some of my tips to get me looking like a human being for Monday mornings! What do you guys do?

I've decided to take blogging seriously as I love and enjoy it so much. Which means better photos AND content. So I'm waiting til payday for my new camera. What do you guys think of the image above?
Comment Below!

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Blogtober // My Favourite Songs at the Moment

Last Saturday I had a couple of friends round to check out my new place. I HAD to make a spotify playlist to go with the mood. These are my favourite tracks at the moment. WARNING- Some are absolutely terrible

nicki pic resized

Nicki Minaj Anaconda
Ugh... I have had this stuck in my head for weeks. It's stupid yet ridiculously catchy. It's also brilliant to run to. But I guess I'm one of those skinny bitches in the club :(

Big Sean- I Don't Fuck With You
It's supposedly written about his ex- glee's Santana- but the lyrics just have me singing along like I know the girl. Once again a catchy song that will have you thinking about who is currently annoying you.

Clean Bandit- Rather Be
Another catchy song. I flick through music channels before I leave the house and this is ALWAYS on. It gets stuck in my head so easily. I love the violin part

Gerard Way - No Shows
I am the biggest My Chemical Romance fan. When I heard that Gerard was having a solo record I was rather happy. It all sounds like David Bowie mixed with Pulp. It just has a British vibe to me!

What are you guys listening to at the moment? I listen to so many different genres, my ipod is just a little confused!! Comment Below as usual

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