LIFESTYLE: Dinner at Mae Ping

I love Thai food. I'm such a fussy eater, finding a cuisine that I actually like is a challenge. On Wednesday Teddy and I went to my favourite restaurant Mae Ping.

All the food there is freshly made, and the staff are so pleasant and nice. The restaurant is quite dark and filled with candles so you feel like every meal is romantic

Ughh. Even looking at photos I'm getting hungry all over again. For starters we ordered: Vegetable Spring Rolls, Vegetable Tempura and Fiery Sweetcorn Cakes. I love the spring rolls because they aren't ridiculously oily like when you buy them from a takeaway. The vegetable tempura always uses fresh vegetables, you can practically hear the crunch when you bite it! The sweetcorn cakes are awesome, filled with sweetcorn with just a hint of spice...I always want more.

 For our main we had: coconut rice, pad thai jay and stir fried beef in black bean sauce. (Just so you know, typing this at work in the morning is making me very hungry.) The coconut rice actually tastes like coconut! I say this because in some places I can just smell coconut on plain rice. Like a coconut fragrance spritz in the bowl. Pad Thai Jay is basically stir fired noodles with egg beansprouts and vegetables. I love the beef here, its so tender and thin rather than the huge pieces you get from the takeaway.

I took a little at first so I didn't seem greedy!

What's your favourite restaurant and cuisine? I've been eating out so often recently, its terrible for my waistline. Is anyone going to the #Bloggersfestival tomorrow? Let me know!

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