LIFESTYLE: Bloggers Festival

Finally, I'm writing about this, I'm so slow!

Last Saturday I went to the first bloggers festival! Scarlett had arranged over twitter and her blog to have bloggers come to this event, meet up and get to know all these great bloggers and brands.
I met up with my friend Hazel, and met Lea and we made our way up to the 31st floor to the Paramount event space and saw bloggers heaven.

So many bloggers and brands so happy and helpful!

Many of the brands brought there products for us to try and see. My favourites were Quiz clothing and Bee Good.

There were makeovers, girls getting their nails done, and everyone sipping either strawberry or raspberry champagne. 

I loved how some brands even had little cupcakes/shortbread that we could munch on while talking to them!

The brands that attended were Urban Outfitters, Bee Good, Very, Want Her Dress and IH

It was such a great and fun day and I'm so proud of my friend Scarlett for arranging it. Cant wait for the next one!!
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  1. This looks like such a great event! Glad you had a great time :)


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