HEALTHY LIVING: Sugar Detox Update

Oh man. This week has been horrible. Work has stressed me out so much I ate sugar. And a lot of it! I actually took a day off because my anxiety was so bad, naturally I went to my mums house. She gave me apple tart, brownies, lemonade just everything!

I lasted only two days completely sugar free. I'm sorry!!! I actually got headaches from missing sugar so much. This week I'm gonna take a different route and just cutting down sugar. Here are my rules

- No fizzy drinks
-No sweets
-No cakes

Considering I work next to a pret/starbucks/cafe nerro the no cake rule is EXTREMELY difficult. I'm going to get back into juicing because I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of fruit and vegetables.

I've gotta apologise for the lack of posts. Possibly Monday I will write a post telling you all if you can handle a woe is me post!

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  1. There's a great book called I Quit Sugar that might help you out! :) its a six week sugar detox and she just gradually weans you off sugar rather than going cold turkey :) hope your anxiety is okay now sweet, always around to chat! Xxx


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