Hello you lovely people. I have a confession to make and I thought it was probably best if I put it on my blog for everyone to know. I am a sugar addict. There...I said it *wipes brow*

In all seriousness, I love sugar and sweets. For my 19th birthday I even had a sweet themed party with shed loads of sweets. Sweets, desserts, sweet drinks are just my obsession. I'm not much of a chocolate fan which seems to surprise everyone. 

I did some research, and discovered sugar is the only thing in our diet that we don't actually need. I even remembered watching a documentary and a man said 'fat isn't making us fat, sugar is making us fat'. And it's true. Sugar is packed in so many of our foods, even if we think its healthy. So I decided I'm gonna try and give up sugar for a while.

As I'm typing this I'm eating reversy persy pigs and by the time this goes up I'll be tucking into a slice of cherry pie and custard, which just made me think my life is revolved around sugar...and that isn't good! I'm currently reading a book called I Quit Sugar all about a woman who does just that. 

Starting Monday...thats sugar out of my diet. No desserts, No sweets, No cheeky cake from Pret at lunch. I know there's sugar in fruit BUT I am taking a week off juicing and upping my vegetables intake. Trust me...I'm really gonna need your help (and God's) on this one.

Has anyone ever done a sugar detox? Any tips for me? Am I gonna fail or just crash hard in a day? Comment below and check my instagram/twitter for my failure progress 


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  1. I'm exactly the same as you with sugar and the thought of going a day without it makes me shudder! I'm doing the same but taking a "cutting down" approach starting with getting rid of soft drinks. Good luck, it will be tough but stay strong and think of how much better you will feel without all of that sugar in your body. You can do it! :) xx

    1. It's 11am and im practically dying. I'm gonna allow myself a piece of fruit a day (mainly cause my lunch sucks)
      Thanks I hope you do well too!

  2. It's so true, there is a ridiculous amount of sugar added unnecessarily to some foods! X


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