Hello there lovelies. Sorry I've been so MIA on the blog. Once again I've been over thinking everything in my life.

Every week I talk about how to eat healthy and exercises but I never really talk about a healthy mind, and that's one thing I'm struggling to have.

For some reason, I have this idea of PERFECTION. Part of my thinks it's stems from being sick and having E playing constantly so I watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and shit loads of Kardashians. In my head...those girls are perfect. 

I started this blog a year ago, when Teddy was on holiday. I wanted to be independent again and have something for myself that I enjoyed. I found all these other amazing blogs and found the community to be amazing! Recently I've just been comparing myself to these amazing blogs and people and just thinking 'Well my life is a bit shit'

I always feel like when I do something new and exciting for me there is always someone to break you down. For example, I've started going out a lot more in the past year as my anxieties have gone down (and I have money so I'm basically ballin'). Someone said 'Oh wow YOU'VE been there?!', so surprised that one- I've actually left my flat, two- I went without Teddy and three- I did something and didn't feel the need to instagram it.

I'm a pretty open girl. Ask me about my life/sex life and I'll tell you and not be embarrassed. I'm easy going. I love with all my heart. I give my all to my friends. When I ask 'How are you?' I'm genuinely interested in what you have to say.

Perfection for me is having the best body, being independent, having nice things I can enjoy, a good life and a great boyfriend. I this weekend I realised perfection doesn't really exist, there will always be something to change that ideal whether it's good or bad. I don't mean that as a depressing Jerry Springer final thought, I just mean to strive for something that doesn't exist is pointless. Strive to be happy, stop comparing yourself to others. That's what I'm going to do in order to have a healthy mind.

Thanks for sticking with me guys. Sorry for the wallowing of self doubt but I'm back I promiseeeee

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  1. Love this Mariah! I'm all about the PMA... And being the best version of you... Be inspired by others but don't aspire to be them xx


    1. Thank you Lucy!
      Trying to be a positive as possible! Kind comments like this help!

  2. Striving to be happy is the best way to go, I think :) There'll always be something we'll want to change, but we need to keep positive and happy as best we can :)

    You know I'm always around to chat to!! xx


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