BEAUTY: My Top Three Lipbalms

I recently had to change my bag for work (bye bye crappy Primark bag hello Ted Baker Tote), and I found about a dozen lip balms. Am I the only one that chucks one in their bag all the time yet still has to search ages to find one?! Anyway I thought I'd tell you three of my favourites.

Carmex- Pomegranate

I've been using Carmex since I was about 14. It used to be in this little tub and was so difficult to get out. Thankfully now they have squeezable balms and a roll on balm like the one I have. Carmex is a life saver, I used to get coldsores so often in the Winter and Carmex really sorts it out. It tingles whilst healing and doesn't dry out your lips. My lips feel moisturised for many hours and the fact that they have different flavours just makes it even more brilliant!

Boots Essentials Lipsalve- Strawberry

So I bought this at Gatwick because I had packed all my others and knew I would have cracked lips on the plane, but I'm so glad I did. It's so moisturising- more so than some of it's expensive competitors. It has a slight shine as well so its great when you don't want a full face of make up and want to keep things casual. It also lasts FOREVER! 

Bee Good Lip Balm- Bee Good 

This is a new one in my bag! I picked this up at Scarlett's Bloggers Festival (Post about that will be up Friday...hopefully). It's moisturising (how many times have I written that today?) and soothing. I've found I only need a small squeeze for my lips which is good so I'll have this for a while. This brand uses British Bees Honey, never use harmful ingredients or test on animals. So you feel a bit better using it!

What are your favourite lip balms? I had to chuck away so many I didn't even like!
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  1. I bought the Lip Smackers ice cream collection and soon got bored of them. My current two favourites are Bert's Bees balm with vitamin e and peppermint, and gotta love Baby Lips by Maybelline (I bought cherry at the airport) xx

  2. I love the Nivea lip butters. Will have check out Carmex as haven't used in years


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