BEAUTY: Lush Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar

Hey Dolls!

Since I left my Mumsie's house I've been a shower girl, but unfortunately at this new flat the temperature turn-y thingy is broken which means lukewarm showers for Mariah. Ugh. So I've switched to baths.

One of my favourite places to shop is Lush. I picked up this gorgeous looking bubble bar called Pop in the Bath for my Sunday pamper session.

It's not a bath bomb so you cant just drop it in and watch it fizzle (which Teddy seems to enjoy watching since he has the mind of a 3 year old). You simply crumble it in the water and you can get all the sweet smelling fragrances!

Had to get the flower under water photo pretttyyyyyyy
This one has a blend of citrus oils so I instantly felt energized and refreshed. I love how moisturising Lush products are. Even though I was in water I could feel how soft my skin was becoming.

I just realised how steamy that looks! I really do like a hot bath
I can't recommend this enough for a relaxing bath. I haven't found a lush product I don't like. Bubble bars are slightly cheaper than the huge bath bombs so next time I think i'll purchase more than one!

Has anyone NOT liked a lush product? I would honestly love to know!! What lush products should I get next to add to my collection? Comment below lovelies

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  1. I bought this exact product last weekend and haven't tried it before - I'm so glad you've given it such a good review :)
    My fave product is the Brightside bubble bar which lasts for about six baths - it's a vibrant orange and smells gorgeous!


  2. Lush is my favorite too :)

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  3. I must give this a try!! I always seem to hold out and wait for all the Christmas ones!!

    Francesca | xxx


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