HEALTHY LIVING: Sugar Detox Update

Oh man. This week has been horrible. Work has stressed me out so much I ate sugar. And a lot of it! I actually took a day off because my anxiety was so bad, naturally I went to my mums house. She gave me apple tart, brownies, lemonade just everything!

I lasted only two days completely sugar free. I'm sorry!!! I actually got headaches from missing sugar so much. This week I'm gonna take a different route and just cutting down sugar. Here are my rules

- No fizzy drinks
-No sweets
-No cakes

Considering I work next to a pret/starbucks/cafe nerro the no cake rule is EXTREMELY difficult. I'm going to get back into juicing because I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of fruit and vegetables.

I've gotta apologise for the lack of posts. Possibly Monday I will write a post telling you all if you can handle a woe is me post!

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Hello you lovely people. I have a confession to make and I thought it was probably best if I put it on my blog for everyone to know. I am a sugar addict. There...I said it *wipes brow*

In all seriousness, I love sugar and sweets. For my 19th birthday I even had a sweet themed party with shed loads of sweets. Sweets, desserts, sweet drinks are just my obsession. I'm not much of a chocolate fan which seems to surprise everyone. 

I did some research, and discovered sugar is the only thing in our diet that we don't actually need. I even remembered watching a documentary and a man said 'fat isn't making us fat, sugar is making us fat'. And it's true. Sugar is packed in so many of our foods, even if we think its healthy. So I decided I'm gonna try and give up sugar for a while.

As I'm typing this I'm eating reversy persy pigs and by the time this goes up I'll be tucking into a slice of cherry pie and custard, which just made me think my life is revolved around sugar...and that isn't good! I'm currently reading a book called I Quit Sugar all about a woman who does just that. 

Starting Monday...thats sugar out of my diet. No desserts, No sweets, No cheeky cake from Pret at lunch. I know there's sugar in fruit BUT I am taking a week off juicing and upping my vegetables intake. Trust me...I'm really gonna need your help (and God's) on this one.

Has anyone ever done a sugar detox? Any tips for me? Am I gonna fail or just crash hard in a day? Comment below and check my instagram/twitter for my failure progress 


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LIFESTYLE: Bloggers Festival

Finally, I'm writing about this, I'm so slow!

Last Saturday I went to the first bloggers festival! Scarlett had arranged over twitter and her blog to have bloggers come to this event, meet up and get to know all these great bloggers and brands.
I met up with my friend Hazel, and met Lea and we made our way up to the 31st floor to the Paramount event space and saw bloggers heaven.

So many bloggers and brands so happy and helpful!

Many of the brands brought there products for us to try and see. My favourites were Quiz clothing and Bee Good.

There were makeovers, girls getting their nails done, and everyone sipping either strawberry or raspberry champagne. 

I loved how some brands even had little cupcakes/shortbread that we could munch on while talking to them!

The brands that attended were Urban Outfitters, Bee Good, Very, Want Her Dress and IH

It was such a great and fun day and I'm so proud of my friend Scarlett for arranging it. Cant wait for the next one!!
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BEAUTY: My Top Three Lipbalms

I recently had to change my bag for work (bye bye crappy Primark bag hello Ted Baker Tote), and I found about a dozen lip balms. Am I the only one that chucks one in their bag all the time yet still has to search ages to find one?! Anyway I thought I'd tell you three of my favourites.

Carmex- Pomegranate

I've been using Carmex since I was about 14. It used to be in this little tub and was so difficult to get out. Thankfully now they have squeezable balms and a roll on balm like the one I have. Carmex is a life saver, I used to get coldsores so often in the Winter and Carmex really sorts it out. It tingles whilst healing and doesn't dry out your lips. My lips feel moisturised for many hours and the fact that they have different flavours just makes it even more brilliant!

Boots Essentials Lipsalve- Strawberry

So I bought this at Gatwick because I had packed all my others and knew I would have cracked lips on the plane, but I'm so glad I did. It's so moisturising- more so than some of it's expensive competitors. It has a slight shine as well so its great when you don't want a full face of make up and want to keep things casual. It also lasts FOREVER! 

Bee Good Lip Balm- Bee Good 

This is a new one in my bag! I picked this up at Scarlett's Bloggers Festival (Post about that will be up Friday...hopefully). It's moisturising (how many times have I written that today?) and soothing. I've found I only need a small squeeze for my lips which is good so I'll have this for a while. This brand uses British Bees Honey, never use harmful ingredients or test on animals. So you feel a bit better using it!

What are your favourite lip balms? I had to chuck away so many I didn't even like!
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Hello there lovelies. Sorry I've been so MIA on the blog. Once again I've been over thinking everything in my life.

Every week I talk about how to eat healthy and exercises but I never really talk about a healthy mind, and that's one thing I'm struggling to have.

For some reason, I have this idea of PERFECTION. Part of my thinks it's stems from being sick and having E playing constantly so I watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and shit loads of Kardashians. In my head...those girls are perfect. 

I started this blog a year ago, when Teddy was on holiday. I wanted to be independent again and have something for myself that I enjoyed. I found all these other amazing blogs and found the community to be amazing! Recently I've just been comparing myself to these amazing blogs and people and just thinking 'Well my life is a bit shit'

I always feel like when I do something new and exciting for me there is always someone to break you down. For example, I've started going out a lot more in the past year as my anxieties have gone down (and I have money so I'm basically ballin'). Someone said 'Oh wow YOU'VE been there?!', so surprised that one- I've actually left my flat, two- I went without Teddy and three- I did something and didn't feel the need to instagram it.

I'm a pretty open girl. Ask me about my life/sex life and I'll tell you and not be embarrassed. I'm easy going. I love with all my heart. I give my all to my friends. When I ask 'How are you?' I'm genuinely interested in what you have to say.

Perfection for me is having the best body, being independent, having nice things I can enjoy, a good life and a great boyfriend. I this weekend I realised perfection doesn't really exist, there will always be something to change that ideal whether it's good or bad. I don't mean that as a depressing Jerry Springer final thought, I just mean to strive for something that doesn't exist is pointless. Strive to be happy, stop comparing yourself to others. That's what I'm going to do in order to have a healthy mind.

Thanks for sticking with me guys. Sorry for the wallowing of self doubt but I'm back I promiseeeee

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LIFESTYLE: Dinner at Mae Ping

I love Thai food. I'm such a fussy eater, finding a cuisine that I actually like is a challenge. On Wednesday Teddy and I went to my favourite restaurant Mae Ping.

All the food there is freshly made, and the staff are so pleasant and nice. The restaurant is quite dark and filled with candles so you feel like every meal is romantic

Ughh. Even looking at photos I'm getting hungry all over again. For starters we ordered: Vegetable Spring Rolls, Vegetable Tempura and Fiery Sweetcorn Cakes. I love the spring rolls because they aren't ridiculously oily like when you buy them from a takeaway. The vegetable tempura always uses fresh vegetables, you can practically hear the crunch when you bite it! The sweetcorn cakes are awesome, filled with sweetcorn with just a hint of spice...I always want more.

 For our main we had: coconut rice, pad thai jay and stir fried beef in black bean sauce. (Just so you know, typing this at work in the morning is making me very hungry.) The coconut rice actually tastes like coconut! I say this because in some places I can just smell coconut on plain rice. Like a coconut fragrance spritz in the bowl. Pad Thai Jay is basically stir fired noodles with egg beansprouts and vegetables. I love the beef here, its so tender and thin rather than the huge pieces you get from the takeaway.

I took a little at first so I didn't seem greedy!

What's your favourite restaurant and cuisine? I've been eating out so often recently, its terrible for my waistline. Is anyone going to the #Bloggersfestival tomorrow? Let me know!

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BEAUTY: Lush Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar

Hey Dolls!

Since I left my Mumsie's house I've been a shower girl, but unfortunately at this new flat the temperature turn-y thingy is broken which means lukewarm showers for Mariah. Ugh. So I've switched to baths.

One of my favourite places to shop is Lush. I picked up this gorgeous looking bubble bar called Pop in the Bath for my Sunday pamper session.

It's not a bath bomb so you cant just drop it in and watch it fizzle (which Teddy seems to enjoy watching since he has the mind of a 3 year old). You simply crumble it in the water and you can get all the sweet smelling fragrances!

Had to get the flower under water photo pretttyyyyyyy
This one has a blend of citrus oils so I instantly felt energized and refreshed. I love how moisturising Lush products are. Even though I was in water I could feel how soft my skin was becoming.

I just realised how steamy that looks! I really do like a hot bath
I can't recommend this enough for a relaxing bath. I haven't found a lush product I don't like. Bubble bars are slightly cheaper than the huge bath bombs so next time I think i'll purchase more than one!

Has anyone NOT liked a lush product? I would honestly love to know!! What lush products should I get next to add to my collection? Comment below lovelies

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