LIFESTYLE: Tips For Starting University

I can't believe it, I got my A-Level results five years ago. Ugh I feel old. Some of my readers and brothers and sisters of my friends are off to uni in Sept/Oct so I thought I'd share some stuff I learnt! Luckily I stayed at home so I had a comfy experience. 

1. Make Friends!
It's a simple yet scary concept, but making friends on your course will make things so much better. I met my best friend at uni because we were secretly judging people as they walked in to the lecture room  and he made my days at uni so much more fun. I also used facebook to try and find people on my course. I know... there's practically dust on my facebook now but there will probably will be a group started on your unis page. Go to freshers week! Be friendly! Talk about your passions and dreams!

Uni friends...Best friends

2. Stay Organised
I'm a stationary geek BUT staying organised definitely helped me get essays and projects on time. It's even helping me now at work. I had a different colour folder for every course I was taking, I wrote the course name in the right hand corner in case I found a random piece of paper in my bag and needed to file it properly.

3. Find the cheapest yet nicest place to have Lunch
Okay so this is a weird one,but you wanna save money. University cafes are normally quite expensive, you find receipts and realise you've spent £8 on a lunch that wasn't that great. So I ventured out... I found a nice sandwich place that had deals for university students and was tastier! 

4. Stay Safe
I don't mean to sound like your mother but there is always someone who wants to ruin things for other people. Take care of your belongings and prized possessions. Keep them locked away, you might look crazy for a bit but at least you have your necklace your Gran gave you. Also, since uni is the time when every Tom, Dick and Harry Styles lookalike get shagging, so invest in some condoms. I doubt it's nice going to the clinic around your first semester.

5. Be good with your money
I love shopping, so when that student loan dropped I went straight to Topshop. Then I realised 'oh I need a laptop, video camera and books...shit.' Budget! Its the best way. Work out if you can afford that Michael Kors bag.

And finally just some quick tips
* You can be 10% over or under the word limit
* Deodorant is your best friend
* Just because first year doesn't ALWAYS count for your final grade it's good to work hard cause your lecturers will remember
* 95% of lecturers put everything online after a lecture
* Seminars > Lectures. I learnt WAAAAAY more in a seminar where everyone is talking to each other rather than at a lecture where I'm being spoken AT

I hope that helps. Good luck if you're going. Let me know in the comments what uni you're off to and stuff


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  1. Why couldn't you have blogged this LAST year! That being said, these tips withstand all years at University. Especially the every Tom, Dick and Harry Styles - we don't want a chlamydia conga line! HA! x


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