LIFESTYLE: Teddy's 23rd Birthday at Adventure Bar

Hello lovelies, can you believe it's August already?! I feel like New Years Eve was just the other day!

Last week Teddy turned 23! I bought him a Lordship so he is officially Lord Joey Lee! How cool. As a celebration he invited all his favourite peasants friends to Adventure Bar in Covent Garden.

To book a table is free, and if you book any day but Friday and Saturday you get a bottle of bubbly free! It get ridiculously packed on the weekend but that's because it's so fun. The staff sing and dance all night and are so friendly and helpful. 
The Menu feat. Tom Cruise in his dream boat days

Our surroundings were like a cave which meant no signal so I had no chance at instagraming everything (not sure if that's a good or bad thing really). The prices are quite high, but considering the location of the bar it's understandable. All night I had a dream catcher which was rum,chambord, passion fruit and apple. It even came with a fortune cookie!

Dream Catcher YUM!
My Fortune!
From what I remember it was a great hot and sweaty night....that might have involved me dancing/showing how many squats I can do on the table, crashing someone's engagement party when we moved on to a club and dancing with strange men. Oyyy how embarrassing.

My outfit for the night (I did do the buckles on the shoes)

Teddy and I
Me and My cousin



1/2/3 My Besties!

Has anyone else been? Or had a night out in London recently? Or even look like a crazy murderer like I do when you smile? Comment below as usual my lovelies...

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