HEALTHY LIVING: Vitamins and Other Supplements

Hey guys, how's things?

Every week I go on and on about working out and good things to eat. I know thats great for your body and all that but I also take vitamin supplements to make me feel my greatest so this post is all about what I take!

Vitamin D

When I first went to my doctor he told me that everyone in England should be taking vitamin D due to the lack of sunlight we have and because most of us spend so much time in offices. Vitamin D literally helps with everything. If you tend to feel more tired in the Winter your vitamin D levels are probably low. It's also great for your immune system - I've found if I get a cold it doesn't last long and the symptoms don't last very long. I buy mine online [HERE]

Folic Acid  
Due to me being on the devil drug that is methotrexate, I was prescribed Folic Acid to help with the side effects. It helps me form healthy red blood cells and once again helps the immune system. They tend to give it to pregnant women so that their babies have a reduced risk of nervous system issues.

Vitamin B12
This is quite possibly my favourite vitamin. I get a Vitamin B12 shot every three months as I have a deficiency. I am tired ALL the time, I have no energy and a extreme lack of appetite. After a shot of this... I am a happy bunny. It's also good for growing healthy hair, nails and new skin cells.


So this one I actually found out about myself. My hair is falling out due to the methotrexate and feels terrible so I started taking two of these tablets a day and the difference is amazing. My hair is thicker and growing nicely. I'm absolutely obsessed with it. Even if it means I have to do my eyebrows twice as often its totally worth it! You can buy it [HERE]

That was a bit of a downer writing about all the crap I have to take to even be a tad healthy, but I thought some of these would help someone somewhere! Are any of you guys taking any supplements?

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