HEALTHY LIVING: Strong Not Skinny

Sorry about the lack of posts but I have officially moved! YAY ME!

This week I want to speak about some negativity I've had since I started healthy living. You guys know my story- I got sick, put on weight and vowed to lose it. Sometimes I face backlash from people that simply think I want to get skinny and that's it.

When I started on my weight loss journey I was 13 stone and wanted to get back to 8. I started calorie counting and exercising and I was slowly losing weight. I wanted to be healthy rather than just 'lose weight' so I started to research about how to be healthier rather than constantly dieting to be skinner.

During my time in the hospital I found I had a Vitamin B12 and D deficiency and due to the tablets I take, a low immune system. I started to eat foods rich in vitamins and take vitamins supplements.  

I exercise at least a hour a day and very rearly eat fast food or take out. When I go to resturants I try and get grilled food rather than fried. I do this because I dont want to feel sluggish and horrible. For me, a glass of coke at dinner means that I have a face full of spots tomorrow. Yet there seems to be an outrage for me choosing to eat better and exercise. I get 'You're being stupid for wanting to lose weight' or 'Mariah's dieting again' when I don't want mcdonolds. 

It's simple. I want to be healthy. I want to be strong. I want to be fit. I also want to look like a Victoria Secret model but I'm not gonna kill myself to do that. All my actions are for myself, I never force anyone to join healthy living with me. Eat your mcdonolds, eat your Chinese! Just don't judge me for being healthy because I don't judge you for your choices.

I'm showing you some awful photos below so you can see part of the journey I've gone through.

Has anyone else been told anything like this? Or do I just need to find nicer people to hang out with? Comment below as usual lovelies!

Before the illness. 8 stone, eating unhealthily, and plenty of unknown health problems

During illness. 13 stone and starting to eat better and taking vitamins

Five years later, getting through the illness, eating healthily and taking vitamins 

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