HEATHY LIVING: Getting Back in the Groove

Hey guys, long time no chat eh? Honestly the last few weeks I've just haven't had the urge to blog. I've been feeling ridiculously down and alone and slowly sinking back into depression due to problems with the move,work, family and friends. BUT I have vowed not to let it beat me and I'm back with a vengeance! *cue Rocky music*
I have been terrible with food recently. Fried food and pastries galore. Mainly because I don't get paid til the end of the month and I got lazy. Now I'm back running, doing yoga/pilates and my favourite thing... juicing.

Expensive Shop!

I've done some research on juicing and I found that it's better to juice vegetables than fruit. Fruit adds more sugar so it ends up not being that great for weight loss or your teeth. That doesn't mean you shouldn't use fruit in juices just to have to 60/40 vegetable/fruit. With that in mind my first juice I made in the new flat had spinach,kale, cucumber and apple. Lovely and green...Teddy wasn't impressed.

Green Juice

Strawberry, Apple and Lime. Zesty!!!
I hate going to yoga and having to borrow a mat so I bought myself one! YAY! I've suddenly become obsessed with the colour purple, I think I may be growing up.

Excuse my bad hair and t-shirts hanging up!
I'm still trying to master the downward dog...which is a bitch. I'm just not flexible or strong enough :(

I'm a HUGE fan of Victoria Secret. Honestly, I can spend hours in there. They have a joint store called pink which are for younger girls and they do great workout clothes. I found this top and absolutely HAD to get it. At the moment I really do hate running... but I'll get back into it soon!

I love you guys for being so patient with me. I promise to be on this more and more blogger like haha!
On that note, is anyone going to the bloggersfestival in September? Message me on my links below wanna meet everyone!

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