BEAUTY: Essence Moisturising Cuticle Cream

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One of my favourite things is doing a manicure. I never have my nails bare. They are done every Sunday night ready for the week. Some of my followers might remember me doing a series called Mariah's Monday Manicures. The one thing I hate is dry cuticles. That's where this product comes in!

You guys may remember that I was invited to Essences UK launch event. You can read about that [HERE]. While looking for a cute and bright nail polish colour I found this. I naturally have dry skin, so I'm always using hand and nail creams but the skin around my nails always looks dry and horrible. Just a dab of this cream it felt softer and looked A LOT less dry

It includes Vitamin E which is great for nourishing skin and making it look its best. It has a light fragrance, and isn't too heavy so it nicely absorbs into the skin.

Less dry cuticles! Also... super short nails!

I tend to use this first thing in the morning and last thing at night so that my cuticles are super nourished. It's also small so you can pop it in your handbag! You can buy in in wilko shops or online [HERE]

I knew i'd be reviewing more stuff from Essence on this blog after that event! Since this was a post about nails do you guys want me to do Mariah's Monday Manicures again? Comment below lovelies


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