BEAUTY: Big Eyes Liner

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I'm a sucker for a new eyeliner. So while I was on the sofa scoffing my face with dinner I saw an advert for an eyeliner that makes your eyes seem bigger! I instantly was intrigued. Maybelline have released an eyeliner to go with their big eye mascara that's doing so well 

There are two sides to the pencil. A white (or beige) side and a black side. The black for your upper lash line and the white for your water line.

So I tried the white side on my water line... and failed...several times. Either my eye would get irritated and I would look like my boyfriend has just broken up with me or I look like someone at Halloween. Getting it on your water line was very difficult for me, it doesn't help that I'm black and white shows up easy so I look like a moron who cant wear make up.

Excuse my puffy, make up less face:

Ugh. I shuddered putting that one up. Anyway... I decided to add a little bit of eyeliner on my bottom line to see if that helps.

Nope...I still looked like a Halloween character.On the plus side the black side was great to use. Very waxy and easy to put on. I'm used to a gel or liquid upper line so it was odd for me first.

This eyeliner didn't really work for me. It's probably due to the fact I'm crap at drawing on my water line, I'm not the right skin tone or that I like liquid/gel on my upper line. Even after all that, my eyes didn't look bigger in the slightest.

Not getting that money back. 

Apologises for the negative review, I think it was more me being an idiot than the product to be honest. Anyone else tried it? I couldn't even find the product on the website so maybe it isn't doing so well? Let me know below :)


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  1. I love your blog! new followers:)

  2. I actually haven't used this before despite being an absolute eyeliner lover haha! I don't think the white side would be my thing either - team black eyeliner all the way, haha!

    Jade x ♡


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