HEALTHY LIVING: Vitamins and Other Supplements

Hey guys, how's things?

Every week I go on and on about working out and good things to eat. I know thats great for your body and all that but I also take vitamin supplements to make me feel my greatest so this post is all about what I take!

Vitamin D

When I first went to my doctor he told me that everyone in England should be taking vitamin D due to the lack of sunlight we have and because most of us spend so much time in offices. Vitamin D literally helps with everything. If you tend to feel more tired in the Winter your vitamin D levels are probably low. It's also great for your immune system - I've found if I get a cold it doesn't last long and the symptoms don't last very long. I buy mine online [HERE]

Folic Acid  
Due to me being on the devil drug that is methotrexate, I was prescribed Folic Acid to help with the side effects. It helps me form healthy red blood cells and once again helps the immune system. They tend to give it to pregnant women so that their babies have a reduced risk of nervous system issues.

Vitamin B12
This is quite possibly my favourite vitamin. I get a Vitamin B12 shot every three months as I have a deficiency. I am tired ALL the time, I have no energy and a extreme lack of appetite. After a shot of this... I am a happy bunny. It's also good for growing healthy hair, nails and new skin cells.


So this one I actually found out about myself. My hair is falling out due to the methotrexate and feels terrible so I started taking two of these tablets a day and the difference is amazing. My hair is thicker and growing nicely. I'm absolutely obsessed with it. Even if it means I have to do my eyebrows twice as often its totally worth it! You can buy it [HERE]

That was a bit of a downer writing about all the crap I have to take to even be a tad healthy, but I thought some of these would help someone somewhere! Are any of you guys taking any supplements?

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LIFESTYLE/PERSONAL: Friendships/Relationships

Hey lovelies...bit of a ranty post today. Sorry.

Am I the only one that feels like their friendship group gets smaller as you grow up? At school and college I was never super popular or anything but I had my friends. Now it's got to the stage where I find it difficult not to get annoyed with people I'm around for too long.

There was a time I literally stopped going out in favour of staying in with Teddy. Most people thought it was because Teddy was keeping me locked away in the tower when simply it was that I couldn't handle drama, bitchiness and people making me feel bad about myself.

Fast forward a couple of years and you'd think people would have grown up right? Wrong. I actually think it's got worse, boys have become more bitcher than girls and it's unbelievable.

I love being around people that are exciting, funny, interesting and understanding. Probably 80% of people that talk to me on whatsapp start a conversation with 'So this person messaged me saying this'. What happened to 'How are you?' 'I saw this and it reminded me of you!'. If you say 'So what's the gossip' I most likely wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire. If there is gossip and you're asking everyone I don't think people want to tell you shit for a reason!

Recently I haven't felt the need to go out because the space in my flat is so big I can dance to Nicki Minaj's Ananconda all day  this person isn't talking to this person, or unrequited love just becomes a bit awkward to watch, or two people just leave someone out because they don't have the same interests. Also, it's never been about Teddy not letting me out. For some reason people in the past have thought that. It's ridiculous because 1- he's not like that and 2- we have separate lives. I'm coming off as a horrible person but I wish everyone was just happy doing their own thing without making others sad/uncomfortable.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a saint by any means. I bitch, I get annoyed, but I don't think that should be the base of a friendship. Where's the compassion? The empathy? I've actually had a conversation with someone telling them I'm in hospital and they replied with 'oh cool, so I'm gonna go out with this guy on Friday'. Maybe I was raised wrong or I'm just selfish, but I would automatically ask what was wrong if any of my friends were in hospital!

I've also seen friendships where people are in competition with each other. What is the need to prove you're better than someone else?! Your relationship with your boyfriend isn't better than mine because your're doing something differently to how I have. You're not better than me because you have more followers and fans. You're in a new relationship you shouldn't have to worry about what other people will think or say, it's hardly fair. Just be happy and let others be happy! Everyone is at a different stage in their lives so just let them be and focus on yourself. You'll be happier and have less worry lines!

Apologies again for the rant. Just something that's been causing me to have Jaden Smith face all week. Also this is my little space on the big ol' internet where I ramble, I don't mean to cause any offence or make anyone upset. How do you guys feel about friendships/relationships as you're older?

Comment Below as usual :)

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BEAUTY: Big Eyes Liner

Hey my beautiful followers!

I'm a sucker for a new eyeliner. So while I was on the sofa scoffing my face with dinner I saw an advert for an eyeliner that makes your eyes seem bigger! I instantly was intrigued. Maybelline have released an eyeliner to go with their big eye mascara that's doing so well 

There are two sides to the pencil. A white (or beige) side and a black side. The black for your upper lash line and the white for your water line.

So I tried the white side on my water line... and failed...several times. Either my eye would get irritated and I would look like my boyfriend has just broken up with me or I look like someone at Halloween. Getting it on your water line was very difficult for me, it doesn't help that I'm black and white shows up easy so I look like a moron who cant wear make up.

Excuse my puffy, make up less face:

Ugh. I shuddered putting that one up. Anyway... I decided to add a little bit of eyeliner on my bottom line to see if that helps.

Nope...I still looked like a Halloween character.On the plus side the black side was great to use. Very waxy and easy to put on. I'm used to a gel or liquid upper line so it was odd for me first.

This eyeliner didn't really work for me. It's probably due to the fact I'm crap at drawing on my water line, I'm not the right skin tone or that I like liquid/gel on my upper line. Even after all that, my eyes didn't look bigger in the slightest.

Not getting that money back. 

Apologises for the negative review, I think it was more me being an idiot than the product to be honest. Anyone else tried it? I couldn't even find the product on the website so maybe it isn't doing so well? Let me know below :)


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HEATHY LIVING: Getting Back in the Groove

Hey guys, long time no chat eh? Honestly the last few weeks I've just haven't had the urge to blog. I've been feeling ridiculously down and alone and slowly sinking back into depression due to problems with the move,work, family and friends. BUT I have vowed not to let it beat me and I'm back with a vengeance! *cue Rocky music*
I have been terrible with food recently. Fried food and pastries galore. Mainly because I don't get paid til the end of the month and I got lazy. Now I'm back running, doing yoga/pilates and my favourite thing... juicing.

Expensive Shop!

I've done some research on juicing and I found that it's better to juice vegetables than fruit. Fruit adds more sugar so it ends up not being that great for weight loss or your teeth. That doesn't mean you shouldn't use fruit in juices just to have to 60/40 vegetable/fruit. With that in mind my first juice I made in the new flat had spinach,kale, cucumber and apple. Lovely and green...Teddy wasn't impressed.

Green Juice

Strawberry, Apple and Lime. Zesty!!!
I hate going to yoga and having to borrow a mat so I bought myself one! YAY! I've suddenly become obsessed with the colour purple, I think I may be growing up.

Excuse my bad hair and t-shirts hanging up!
I'm still trying to master the downward dog...which is a bitch. I'm just not flexible or strong enough :(

I'm a HUGE fan of Victoria Secret. Honestly, I can spend hours in there. They have a joint store called pink which are for younger girls and they do great workout clothes. I found this top and absolutely HAD to get it. At the moment I really do hate running... but I'll get back into it soon!

I love you guys for being so patient with me. I promise to be on this more and more blogger like haha!
On that note, is anyone going to the bloggersfestival in September? Message me on my links below wanna meet everyone!

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LIFESTYLE: Tips For Starting University

I can't believe it, I got my A-Level results five years ago. Ugh I feel old. Some of my readers and brothers and sisters of my friends are off to uni in Sept/Oct so I thought I'd share some stuff I learnt! Luckily I stayed at home so I had a comfy experience. 

1. Make Friends!
It's a simple yet scary concept, but making friends on your course will make things so much better. I met my best friend at uni because we were secretly judging people as they walked in to the lecture room  and he made my days at uni so much more fun. I also used facebook to try and find people on my course. I know... there's practically dust on my facebook now but there will probably will be a group started on your unis page. Go to freshers week! Be friendly! Talk about your passions and dreams!

Uni friends...Best friends

2. Stay Organised
I'm a stationary geek BUT staying organised definitely helped me get essays and projects on time. It's even helping me now at work. I had a different colour folder for every course I was taking, I wrote the course name in the right hand corner in case I found a random piece of paper in my bag and needed to file it properly.

3. Find the cheapest yet nicest place to have Lunch
Okay so this is a weird one,but you wanna save money. University cafes are normally quite expensive, you find receipts and realise you've spent £8 on a lunch that wasn't that great. So I ventured out... I found a nice sandwich place that had deals for university students and was tastier! 

4. Stay Safe
I don't mean to sound like your mother but there is always someone who wants to ruin things for other people. Take care of your belongings and prized possessions. Keep them locked away, you might look crazy for a bit but at least you have your necklace your Gran gave you. Also, since uni is the time when every Tom, Dick and Harry Styles lookalike get shagging, so invest in some condoms. I doubt it's nice going to the clinic around your first semester.

5. Be good with your money
I love shopping, so when that student loan dropped I went straight to Topshop. Then I realised 'oh I need a laptop, video camera and books...shit.' Budget! Its the best way. Work out if you can afford that Michael Kors bag.

And finally just some quick tips
* You can be 10% over or under the word limit
* Deodorant is your best friend
* Just because first year doesn't ALWAYS count for your final grade it's good to work hard cause your lecturers will remember
* 95% of lecturers put everything online after a lecture
* Seminars > Lectures. I learnt WAAAAAY more in a seminar where everyone is talking to each other rather than at a lecture where I'm being spoken AT

I hope that helps. Good luck if you're going. Let me know in the comments what uni you're off to and stuff


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BEAUTY: Essence Moisturising Cuticle Cream

Hello beautiful readers! How are we all doing?

One of my favourite things is doing a manicure. I never have my nails bare. They are done every Sunday night ready for the week. Some of my followers might remember me doing a series called Mariah's Monday Manicures. The one thing I hate is dry cuticles. That's where this product comes in!

You guys may remember that I was invited to Essences UK launch event. You can read about that [HERE]. While looking for a cute and bright nail polish colour I found this. I naturally have dry skin, so I'm always using hand and nail creams but the skin around my nails always looks dry and horrible. Just a dab of this cream it felt softer and looked A LOT less dry

It includes Vitamin E which is great for nourishing skin and making it look its best. It has a light fragrance, and isn't too heavy so it nicely absorbs into the skin.

Less dry cuticles! Also... super short nails!

I tend to use this first thing in the morning and last thing at night so that my cuticles are super nourished. It's also small so you can pop it in your handbag! You can buy in in wilko shops or online [HERE]

I knew i'd be reviewing more stuff from Essence on this blog after that event! Since this was a post about nails do you guys want me to do Mariah's Monday Manicures again? Comment below lovelies


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HEALTHY LIVING: Strong Not Skinny

Sorry about the lack of posts but I have officially moved! YAY ME!

This week I want to speak about some negativity I've had since I started healthy living. You guys know my story- I got sick, put on weight and vowed to lose it. Sometimes I face backlash from people that simply think I want to get skinny and that's it.

When I started on my weight loss journey I was 13 stone and wanted to get back to 8. I started calorie counting and exercising and I was slowly losing weight. I wanted to be healthy rather than just 'lose weight' so I started to research about how to be healthier rather than constantly dieting to be skinner.

During my time in the hospital I found I had a Vitamin B12 and D deficiency and due to the tablets I take, a low immune system. I started to eat foods rich in vitamins and take vitamins supplements.  

I exercise at least a hour a day and very rearly eat fast food or take out. When I go to resturants I try and get grilled food rather than fried. I do this because I dont want to feel sluggish and horrible. For me, a glass of coke at dinner means that I have a face full of spots tomorrow. Yet there seems to be an outrage for me choosing to eat better and exercise. I get 'You're being stupid for wanting to lose weight' or 'Mariah's dieting again' when I don't want mcdonolds. 

It's simple. I want to be healthy. I want to be strong. I want to be fit. I also want to look like a Victoria Secret model but I'm not gonna kill myself to do that. All my actions are for myself, I never force anyone to join healthy living with me. Eat your mcdonolds, eat your Chinese! Just don't judge me for being healthy because I don't judge you for your choices.

I'm showing you some awful photos below so you can see part of the journey I've gone through.

Has anyone else been told anything like this? Or do I just need to find nicer people to hang out with? Comment below as usual lovelies!

Before the illness. 8 stone, eating unhealthily, and plenty of unknown health problems

During illness. 13 stone and starting to eat better and taking vitamins

Five years later, getting through the illness, eating healthily and taking vitamins 

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HEALTHY LIVING: Dealing With Stress

As you guys have read all over my social networks, I'm moving flat soon. Unfortunately, it has stressed me out terribly. 

My Life In Boxes

Recently, I've been getting more headaches, irritated a lot easier, and not sleeping very well so I've been trying to find ways to de-stress!

Exercise: I get it, I go on and on about exercising. This week I've found going for a run just clears my head and makes me focused on less crazy stuff

Yoga: My goal for the rest of this year is to get more into yoga. I love it. I love that you focuses on your breathing and relaxing. After a 20min session I just feel so relaxed I want to sleep!

Writing Lists: I feel a bit lame for this one but I feel once I start writing lists and getting things organised I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. That way I can see what needs to be done and can see that sometimes it's not even that much!

Early Nights: I don't think I've had a decent nights sleep for five years but getting into bed around 9 I at least get some sleep before I get up. 

Watching Some Mind Numbing TV: When my stress levels are high, The Simpsons gets put on. I absolutely love the Simpsons it still makes me laugh to this day. If not that then I'm sorry to say it... Geordie Shore is a must!

How is everyone doing? I miss you guys in my comments! How do you deal with stress? Have I lost your self respect due to the fact I watch Geordie Shore? Comment Below as usual lovelies.


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LIFESTYLE: Teddy's 23rd Birthday at Adventure Bar

Hello lovelies, can you believe it's August already?! I feel like New Years Eve was just the other day!

Last week Teddy turned 23! I bought him a Lordship so he is officially Lord Joey Lee! How cool. As a celebration he invited all his favourite peasants friends to Adventure Bar in Covent Garden.

To book a table is free, and if you book any day but Friday and Saturday you get a bottle of bubbly free! It get ridiculously packed on the weekend but that's because it's so fun. The staff sing and dance all night and are so friendly and helpful. 
The Menu feat. Tom Cruise in his dream boat days

Our surroundings were like a cave which meant no signal so I had no chance at instagraming everything (not sure if that's a good or bad thing really). The prices are quite high, but considering the location of the bar it's understandable. All night I had a dream catcher which was rum,chambord, passion fruit and apple. It even came with a fortune cookie!

Dream Catcher YUM!
My Fortune!
From what I remember it was a great hot and sweaty night....that might have involved me dancing/showing how many squats I can do on the table, crashing someone's engagement party when we moved on to a club and dancing with strange men. Oyyy how embarrassing.

My outfit for the night (I did do the buckles on the shoes)

Teddy and I
Me and My cousin



1/2/3 My Besties!

Has anyone else been? Or had a night out in London recently? Or even look like a crazy murderer like I do when you smile? Comment below as usual my lovelies...

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