LIFESTYLE: My Week In Crete

Hello people! Hope you guys are still enjoying my new look page!

Last week I travelled to Crete with Teddy and his family so I figured I should write a blog about it all! Sorry about the qualities of some photos as they were taken on my phone

I absolutely hate flying, and I'm sure I got it from my Mother. She used to say 'If God wanted us to fly he would have given us wings'. So the days leading up to the four hour flight there were many im-not-going-leave-me-alone tantrums and panic attacks. Luckily the flight wasn't bad and we got to Heraklion airport safely

My phone was in airplane mode I promise! 

The holiday was filled with lots of relaxing, exploring and eating. So instead of typing too much, I'm gonna let the photos do the talking.

There's a Teddy in the sea!!

Our private pool! Literally on the beach!!

Awesome graffiti art 

Sunset by the villa

Cloudy day but still boiling hot!

Surfboard Restaurant with cocktails named after movie characters 

Me and Turkelton the Turtle

Hopefully this gives you a gist of how beautiful Crete is. I will do another two posts about all my outfits I wore and another about the delicious food I ate. So my holiday will live foreverrrrr....

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  1. I've never been to Crete but now I want to - it looks beautiful!
    Looks like you had fun and can't wait to read your outfit post :) xx

    1. It was! I'd definitely recommend a visit!

  2. These pictures are beautiful! Looks like you had a great time :) And now I want to go away on vacation again :(

    -A | Mirror Mirror


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