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I'm glad I have this little space on the internet where I can talk about anything. This week I've been deep in thought. I know, that can't be good.

I'm 23 and everyone around me is getting married or having babies. I've been with Teddy five years and living together for three of them. So obviously we must be ready for kids and him to put a ring on it right?! No not really.

I know that there are girls and probably guys out there that believe 'first comes love,then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage' type lives happen easily, but I've never thought that. I've always been pessimistic about love and stuff like that. I know life isn't easy or fairy tale like. 

When I was 17/18 the biggest life challenge I had was Teddys bandmates hating me and causing friction in our relationship. But then I got sick, was failing uni, got anxiety problems, gained weight, uncle had a stroke, moved flat (twice), lost friends, my job as well as other stuff. I graduated and didn't get my dream job, Teddys band didn't become the next Paramore, I started to wish I ate more vegetables. I quickly worked out that there isn't a plan to life and nothing is set in stone.

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I'm not saying having kids or getting married now is wrong. My best friend has a three year old boy and he is the most amazing person and she is the most amazing mother. If you're happy that's all that matters in life. And that's the thing... it's YOU, not ME. I just wish the 'When you having kids/getting married?' questions would stop. Stop trying to make me feel bad cause there's not a Princess cut, pink diamond ring on it or something growing inside me and taking all my energy. Stop the relationship comparisons, no relationship is better than another. Stop claiming it's 'odd' that Teddy and I have separate lives and hobbies. Sorry but if he was the only thing going in my life I'd be absolutely miserable, and I think he would think it's odd that I've taken up golf.

For Teddy and I we want to be top of our game before I buy Jimmy Choos and Ellie Saab dress to walk down the aisle. That means a decent paying job in media, Teddy doing well Chef-wise and in a better local government job, I want to be off the tablets and completely healthy, and finally own our own house. I will gladly be a guest to your wedding, or be the best possible Godmother to your child, but I'm fine doing my own thing.

Sorry for the rant, but with the move and other life changes I felt the need to just go BLAHHHHHH. Also... stress levels are high due to the fact my flat is looking like this

Does anyone else have peer pressure on them? Or you're preggo/getting married and wish your friends would join in the fun? Or just hate everything I just said and think i'm a complete bitch. Comment Below...

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  1. I completely agree with this! I'm only 21 but already have people asking when my boyfriend and I are settling down! We're also like you and Teddy and are completely separate people - and I love it that way. Don't feel guilty for it, like you say every relationship is different!

    I also think it's great that you want to better your life before you settle down. I agree with you wholeheartedly!

    Lovely post Mariah :)

    Hazel Jane xx


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