LIFESTYLE: Moving Flat

Apparently the top four biggest stresses in life are pregnancy, marriage, divorce and moving house.

Last Monday, Teddy got an email saying our landlord is selling our flat and we pretty much have to find somewhere to live by September. Cue the panic, stress and tears. Since we've been back from holiday Teddy and I have been buying and changing so much in the flat. We wanted to make it more homey, a great place to relax after work and all that effort has been wasted.
Luckily we managed to find a few that were close to where we are now and allowed a cat so we had some viewings on Saturday. We found a place...directly across the road. I guess I don't have to worry about what time to leave for work.

Flat viewing with your partner is... an experience. For example:
Me: The bathroom isn't big enough for my things
Teddy: Well I like the kitchen
Me: Where am I gonna put my things?
and even

Me: I like it...good size bedroom and bathroom, window in the kitchen
Teddy: There's no man cupboard
Me: Your point?!
Teddy: Where am I gonna put all my old games consoles?!!

When you find somewhere that you both like it feel like hitting the jackpot. You put your offer in and then they want work references. This is the hard part for me as I've only been in my job a month or so and my boss lives in Turkey. How are they supposed to know how amazing and perfect I am?! Thankfully I got my references (before Teddy I may add) and now we can finally sign the tenancy and get ready to move.

The next couple of weeks are gonna be hectic. Packing and chucking stuff away. But I'm excited. New flat, New start and hopefully Good Luck from now on.

Bye bye current flat, wasn't in you for even a year. Its like I hardly knew you.
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  1. Me & my boyfriend just moved house this week but it took us ages to decide on the one we both liked as we both wanted certain things!! Luckily we found one ha! Good luck on the move though, i hated it :( but love the new flat xx

    1. Aww was it your first place?
      I'm looking forward to settling in :)


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