It's Sunday which means it's my healthy living blog day woo right? Okay maybe not, but today I'm talking about doing exercises at home.

I'm all for doing at least a hour of exercise a day, whether it's running or going to an exercise class but sometimes I can't be bothered to even get out of my work clothes. So before dinner I get a playlist going and start working out, here are just some of the stuff I do to feel better about myself ;)

Squats: I mentioned this before but I love squats. I started off with the 30 day squat challenge and now I'm addicted. I try and do at least 150 a day. It kills my thighs and booty but damn it's worth it. Start off with 20 a day, and add 10 more each day. Feel the burn guys

Skipping: I love skipping mainly because it just reminds me for being in Primary School. But it's also great high tempo exercise. Luckily my ceilings are quite high so I can skip indoors

Cycling: I don't mean ride a bike in your house. One my flat is WAY too small and two I can't even ride a bike. I tend to lie on my back and act as though I'm riding a bike. Doing this for five minutes definitely gets the legs aching.

Weights: I have two dumbells in my flat that I use for lunges and to have nice definition in my arms. I don't want to look too bulky so they are just light ones I ordered from Amazon.

Dancing around in my room: This one is pretty simple... Sometimes acting like you're Beyoncé in your bedroom can burn calories as well as being fun!

That's just some of the exercises I do to keep active when I'm ridiculously lazy! What do you guys do? I'm I the only one you has to keep active daily? Comment below as usual lovelies 

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  1. I'm too lazy for the gym so love to exercise at home too. Blogilates is great fun (google it if you've not heard of it) and I love skipping/squatting in the garden. You can't beat a DVD either, I love the Clubland ones! :) x

    1. Love blogilates! She always seems so gleeful and im practically dying! haha

  2. Nice tips! I actually started going to the gym today and it felt so good to be back into getting a toned body. I do squats at home as well, but maybe I should also try skipping.

    1. YAY! Glad youre feeling good about it! Skipping is fun :)


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