BEAUTY: Soap & Glory- Sugar Crush Range

Hello there! Got a beauty post for you guys to read. Today I'm reviewing Soap & Glory's new Sugar Crush range.

Body wash/ Body Scrub/ Body Buttercream
I absolutely love soap and glory products and since I had a clear out in my bathroom I decided that I needed new toiletries (and boots had 3 for 2). 

The sugar crush range is for those with a sweet tooth! I really can't pinpoint what sweets it smells like...It bugs me every time I use it. It has a zesty lime and lemon fragrance and contains sweet vanilla musk and coconut oil.

1. Body Wash
Obviously you start with cleaning yourself so here is the body wash. I love that its a huge bottle, my last soap and glory wash lasted ages. It also has a pump so you can easy get the amount you want. It's a very soapy product so you don't need a ridiculous amount to get the job done. As it is so fragrant, if you used it without the rest of the products you would still smell it.

2. Body Scrub
Is it weird that exfoliating is one of my favourite pamper pastimes? Yeah that's probably weird. Anyway, this is one and Soap & Glory's bests scrubs. It doesn't feel so harsh on your skin like many scrubs do.

 Once again the same smell is in this and smells so good. My skin has been in bad condition after being on holiday (bad food, alcohol, sea water and chlorine might be a factor in that) after using this it all felt smooth and back to normal!

3.Body Buttercream

We finish off the range with the body buttercream. I love my skin most when it feels soft and moisturised and that's exactly what this product does. It melts into the skin and you don't need a large amount. And continues the beaut of a smell.

I really wish smell-o-vision existed so you can understand my obsession with the smell of these. It's just perfectly sweet.

Has anyone tried a soap and glory product they didn't like? I'm interested to find out!
Also I'm really sorry about the font and size of the previous posts, I'm still trying to find what suits the new layout best!

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  1. I love the body wash too - I've had mine since Christmas and it's still not empty!
    My favourite products are the Hand Food, Heel Genius and Sexy MotherPucker lip plump :)

    1. Not tried the heel genius or lip pump yet. It may have to go on the wishlist!

  2. sugar Crush has to be my favourite soap and glory line
    line. It smells so so good xx

    1. Its the best smelling pamper stuff I've ever used!

  3. I own the body wash and it smells amazing!! I need to get my hands on the scrub too so I can smell like a walking lime! ;D

  4. I've definitely never tried a S&G product that I haven't liked! I think they have some of the best scrubs on the market and their body butters are so amazing I literally just want to swim in it!

    -A | Mirror Mirror


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