BEAUTY: The Body Shop Body Sorbet

I am so proud of myself for keeping to my blogging schedule for the last couple of weeks. 
Anyway, it's Wednesday so its time for a beauty post!

It's hot and sticky out and I'm too flustered to do things like use a hair dryer, and use various different creams. Luckily The Body Shop has created a light moisturiser that cools your skin down. They have Mango, Strawberry, Satsuma, Pink Grapefruit and Moringa. Of course I went with Mango! Yum!!

I've been lusting after this since Em over at Em Talks reviewed them and I've been bugging The Body Shops twitter for a release date. I'm so glad it lived up to expectations.

It's such a light moisturiser, it literally melts as soon as you rub it into your skin. It's very hydrating too, I have quite dry skin on my legs and I never needed to top it up throughout the day. Another great thing is that a little goes a long way, I didn't need a huge amount to do the job which is great in this sticky heat.

The absolutely GREATEST thing about this is that you can pop it in the fridge for it to be super cool on your skin. I tried this after but post workout shower and it was heavenly. Instant cool down that lasts a few hours. Most moisturisers I've been using make me feel hot and clammy after a couple of hours so I'm glad I've found one that doesn't!

This has to be one of my favourite products of the year. I think it would be great to take on holiday if you're going somewhere hot, or even you're just in the garden! It's also the only moisturiser I've ever seen Teddy use!! 

Would you guys try this? Or you already have it? Let me know in the comments people. I love talking to you all :)

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So, I'm a huge hypocrite and this week I've been eating absolute crap. Trust me my skin is paying for it. But I have started going for a run every day again. I think my super cool running shoes are the ones gearing me up to go, but this heat is making me sleepy.

There are many pros to having a run every now and then. From weight loss to health problems

-Weight Loss
- It lowers your blood pressure
- Decreases your risk of heart disease
- Releases endorphins which increases your happiness and wellbeing
- Studies show that running improves concentration and visual memory

I'm also feeling a lot stronger and I feel as though I don't get as breathless running up stairs. I am feeling good.

Running can be super boring so I tend to take my ipod with me and have a wicked playlist to get my heart going. Here's just a little selection.

- Kanye & Jay Z -  HAM
- Iggy Azealea - Fancy
- Outkast - Ghettomusick
- Major Lazer - Pon De Floor
- Lil Jon - Turn Down For What
- Will.I.Am - Scream and Shout
Britney- Work Bitch

Does anyone else go for runs? I love that its a workout you can do on your own and chnage the tempo to suit you. 
Comment below as usual


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LIFESTYLE: My Priorities

I'm glad I have this little space on the internet where I can talk about anything. This week I've been deep in thought. I know, that can't be good.

I'm 23 and everyone around me is getting married or having babies. I've been with Teddy five years and living together for three of them. So obviously we must be ready for kids and him to put a ring on it right?! No not really.

I know that there are girls and probably guys out there that believe 'first comes love,then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage' type lives happen easily, but I've never thought that. I've always been pessimistic about love and stuff like that. I know life isn't easy or fairy tale like. 

When I was 17/18 the biggest life challenge I had was Teddys bandmates hating me and causing friction in our relationship. But then I got sick, was failing uni, got anxiety problems, gained weight, uncle had a stroke, moved flat (twice), lost friends, my job as well as other stuff. I graduated and didn't get my dream job, Teddys band didn't become the next Paramore, I started to wish I ate more vegetables. I quickly worked out that there isn't a plan to life and nothing is set in stone.

Holiday Sillyness

I'm not saying having kids or getting married now is wrong. My best friend has a three year old boy and he is the most amazing person and she is the most amazing mother. If you're happy that's all that matters in life. And that's the thing... it's YOU, not ME. I just wish the 'When you having kids/getting married?' questions would stop. Stop trying to make me feel bad cause there's not a Princess cut, pink diamond ring on it or something growing inside me and taking all my energy. Stop the relationship comparisons, no relationship is better than another. Stop claiming it's 'odd' that Teddy and I have separate lives and hobbies. Sorry but if he was the only thing going in my life I'd be absolutely miserable, and I think he would think it's odd that I've taken up golf.

For Teddy and I we want to be top of our game before I buy Jimmy Choos and Ellie Saab dress to walk down the aisle. That means a decent paying job in media, Teddy doing well Chef-wise and in a better local government job, I want to be off the tablets and completely healthy, and finally own our own house. I will gladly be a guest to your wedding, or be the best possible Godmother to your child, but I'm fine doing my own thing.

Sorry for the rant, but with the move and other life changes I felt the need to just go BLAHHHHHH. Also... stress levels are high due to the fact my flat is looking like this

Does anyone else have peer pressure on them? Or you're preggo/getting married and wish your friends would join in the fun? Or just hate everything I just said and think i'm a complete bitch. Comment Below...

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BEAUTY: Benefit's They're Real Push Up Liner- Worth It?

Hello beauts. How are we all doing this week? 

This week I got paid, which meant I got to spurge on something. Every blogger and their dog has been talking about Benefits They're Real Push Up Liner so I HAD to try it. 

The premise is simple. Its a matte gel eyeliner that hugs to your lashes line to make it as though you have bigger eyes. It's waterproof, long lasting and easy to use

It has an accuflex tip to make it easier to make a simple glide.
It was then when I realised 'Hang on, I pretty much have an eyeliner like this!

Remember this review? If not you can have a quick read [here]. Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock does pretty much the same thing as benefits newest liner. So I decided to compare the two

L-R: Benefit/Maybelline

As I've said before, I'm terrible at taking eye photos so here's the photos from my phone!

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner

Maybellines Black Shock Liner
Okay, well I just realised my skin is awful. But apart from that, I found no difference between the look of the liner. They were both easy FOR ME to use (I'm saying that because I'm used to it but it might be tricky for beginners), they both can be used in one swipe, and both can create easy flicks.

I have used them both for more than 10 hours and they stay on all night. I didn't buy the benefit remover mainly because I'm so cheap I couldn't justify spending that amount on a remover. I used my Superdrug own brand vitamin E eye make up remover

L-R : Benefit/Maybellines
Surprisingly, I found Maybelline's a lot more difficult to remove. I was scrubbing at my eye for a while, but the benefit liner was easier.

The main difference I found is that Benefits liner was easier to use as it had a harder tip. The Maybelline tip is rubber so it bends once you apply pressure.

Maybellines Tip
Honestly, If you fancy spending £18.50 on an eyeliner then get the benefit liner. If you want a cheaper one that gives you the same results spend £8.99 on the Maybelline one.

Anyone else a little disappointed in the Push Up Liner? I had such high hopes! Comment below as usual lovelies 

Also, I want to thank my followers! I reached 250 yesterday and I'm so happy. I know that might seem so little and pitiful to bigger bloggers but I'm so grateful to every one of you readers :) 

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It's Sunday which means it's my healthy living blog day woo right? Okay maybe not, but today I'm talking about doing exercises at home.

I'm all for doing at least a hour of exercise a day, whether it's running or going to an exercise class but sometimes I can't be bothered to even get out of my work clothes. So before dinner I get a playlist going and start working out, here are just some of the stuff I do to feel better about myself ;)

Squats: I mentioned this before but I love squats. I started off with the 30 day squat challenge and now I'm addicted. I try and do at least 150 a day. It kills my thighs and booty but damn it's worth it. Start off with 20 a day, and add 10 more each day. Feel the burn guys

Skipping: I love skipping mainly because it just reminds me for being in Primary School. But it's also great high tempo exercise. Luckily my ceilings are quite high so I can skip indoors

Cycling: I don't mean ride a bike in your house. One my flat is WAY too small and two I can't even ride a bike. I tend to lie on my back and act as though I'm riding a bike. Doing this for five minutes definitely gets the legs aching.

Weights: I have two dumbells in my flat that I use for lunges and to have nice definition in my arms. I don't want to look too bulky so they are just light ones I ordered from Amazon.

Dancing around in my room: This one is pretty simple... Sometimes acting like you're Beyoncé in your bedroom can burn calories as well as being fun!

That's just some of the exercises I do to keep active when I'm ridiculously lazy! What do you guys do? I'm I the only one you has to keep active daily? Comment below as usual lovelies 

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LIFESTYLE: Moving Flat

Apparently the top four biggest stresses in life are pregnancy, marriage, divorce and moving house.

Last Monday, Teddy got an email saying our landlord is selling our flat and we pretty much have to find somewhere to live by September. Cue the panic, stress and tears. Since we've been back from holiday Teddy and I have been buying and changing so much in the flat. We wanted to make it more homey, a great place to relax after work and all that effort has been wasted.
Luckily we managed to find a few that were close to where we are now and allowed a cat so we had some viewings on Saturday. We found a place...directly across the road. I guess I don't have to worry about what time to leave for work.

Flat viewing with your partner is... an experience. For example:
Me: The bathroom isn't big enough for my things
Teddy: Well I like the kitchen
Me: Where am I gonna put my things?
and even

Me: I like it...good size bedroom and bathroom, window in the kitchen
Teddy: There's no man cupboard
Me: Your point?!
Teddy: Where am I gonna put all my old games consoles?!!

When you find somewhere that you both like it feel like hitting the jackpot. You put your offer in and then they want work references. This is the hard part for me as I've only been in my job a month or so and my boss lives in Turkey. How are they supposed to know how amazing and perfect I am?! Thankfully I got my references (before Teddy I may add) and now we can finally sign the tenancy and get ready to move.

The next couple of weeks are gonna be hectic. Packing and chucking stuff away. But I'm excited. New flat, New start and hopefully Good Luck from now on.

Bye bye current flat, wasn't in you for even a year. Its like I hardly knew you.
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BEAUTY: Project Bare All

A different beauty post today!

How do I still have tan lines?!!

There's me with no make up, and no contacts in. No editing, or cool instagram filter. Scary right?! Megan has started a campaign called #Projectbareall encouraging girls to be confident without make up. So here I am, spotty and full of scars (and tan lines clearly)

My Story: To be honest, I was never really into make up in my early teens. I could never find my shade of foundation in Superdrug. I always laughed at the black girls in my class with their foundation 2-3 shades lighter than them or the white girls who didn't blend very well. I vowed not to be them, but then I found eyeliner. I'm not sure if it was because of Pete Wentz but eyeliner became my armour. You could tell my mood by how much I had on. In the past couple of years I've become obsessed with eyebrow pencil. Even when mine and Teddys best friend comes round to watch the rugby I'm shouting 'I need to put me eyebrows on!'

The Inside: I'm definitely trying to be more confident without make up and just in general. There was a time when I let people in and ended up getting hurt often so I closed myself off. Make up and Beauty Blogging shielded me from that but I'm slowly learning how much of myself I should give away. I'm learning that I shouldn't be ashamed of all the scars I have on my face from eczema, or that I still have a moon face due to the steroids. The thought of changing my face with surgery scares the crap outta me, but that doesn't mean i'm completely happy with what God gave me.

The outside: I'm sure you're sick of me saying stuff like this but drinking water has made me a lot more confident about my skin. When I have a glass of coke the next day I have spots all around my chin and I end up getting really annoyed with myself. Since I've started juicing I can see the difference too. Exfoliate three times a week and cleanse and moisturise daily. 

I think all beauty bloogers...and girls should have the confidence to not wear make up. I'm not sure if it's cause I'm confident or just lazy but I'm starting to love not wearing make up constantly. I'd love for you to join this campaign to realise that you and every girl is beautiful in the skin they're in

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HEALTHY LIVING: Home Cooked Meals

For those of you that don't live in the UK...lucky you! It's supposed to be Summer and this week has just been filled with rain! Thankfully this weekend has been a little bit better.
This weeks healthy living post is all about my favourite I love food and I know lot of people do too! My friend mentioned that she never has a cooked meal. I know I'm blessed having Teddy cook for me almost every day, people these days just don't have time to get in the kitchen straight after work so prepackaged and frozen foods are the easy answer. 

Many of these packaged foods are high in salt and even sugar which isn't great for your health. It's even worse when you're dieting and have no time to cook. Many supermarkets have 'low fat' or 'reduced calorie' ready meals which look good for you but are also packed with sugar and salt. I recently learnt that 'low fat' meals normally have a high sugar count so it end up not being great for you anyway!!

I know buying fresh and natural food from the supermarket is ridiculously expensive. Buying lunches and dinner as well as stuff for juicing these last couple of weeks have made my bank balance take a beating but I honestly feel a lot healthier, more alert and I feel less bloated after I eat. I've lost four pounds in the last couple of weeks and feel so much better for it.

I thought I'd show you some of the gorgeous food Teddy has made for me this week. Let me know in the comments if you'd like me to write down some recipes and I'll get him to do a guest post one day!

Sweet potato mash, sweet chilli salmon and broccoli 

Turkey meatballs, sweetcorn, asparagus, and cubed sweet potatoes

Vegetable stir fry and sweet chilli beef

Vegetable stir fry with Chinese style chicken. Shush I was naughty with some prawn crackers!

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Hello lovelies. Hopefully by now you've read about what I got up to in Crete now for a post about what I wore.

I had so much fun buying holiday stuff, including being brave and choosing stuff I wouldn't normally wear! Does anyone else feel like a weird teapot when posing for photos or am I the weird one again?

Crop Top: New Look
Shorts: Primark
Shoes: Primark

Bikini Number 1
Bikini: Triangl Swimwear
Kimono: Beach Melba

Bikini Number 2
Bikini: H&M
Shorts: New Look

Playsuit: Boohoo

Bikini Number 3
Bikini: Calvin Klein

Dress: Primark

Super moody cause I was starving
Dress: New Look
Those were my main looks for Crete. Clearly I need to work on my posing/camera work/trying to look happy, but I hope you enjoyed some of what I wore. Let me know if you think I should do more post like this!

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I spend far too much time on Netflix when I'm bored, but it has linked me to some fantastic documentaries. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead has to be one of my favourites. It follows a man who has a chronic illness and takes medication for it. He starts a juice diet for 30 days to see if the body can heal itself and he can get off the medication. He gets off the meds and loses a butt load of weight. So guess who decided to buy a juicer!

Isn't she beautiful?! I bought the one from Argos, it was on offer and you can check it out [HERE]. Its so simple to use, I did the typical thing of trying it without looking at the instructions. It's also easy to clean and even dishwasher safe.
I know a lot of bloggers and friends have tried the juice diet and complained about how ill and tired they feel during it. I've done my research, replacing food for juice isn't healthy at all! If you are going on a complete juice diet make sure you're having enough juice and ingredients in it to fill you up. Can't have you all light headed can we?!

Many juices have celery as a base. I hate celery, its bland and horrible but amazing in a juice. Carrots and apples are another staple in the juicing world.

Teddy and I have basically been making our own recipes and changing up some ones for our juices.  Here are some we have tried this week, can you tell I had fun naming them?!

Morning Blitz: 3 oranges, 1 grapefruit, 1/2 lime. This juice is packed with vitamin c which is great for your immune system. The anti-oxidant in oranges is good for clear complexions. Its also packed with energy to keep you awake til lunch!

Carrot Top: 3 carrots, 2 celery sticks, 2 apples. Apples are great for digestion, Carrots are filled with vitamin A which improves eyesight, and Celery is good for lowering blood pressure.

There's an Orange Up the Stairs!: 3 apples, 3 carrots, 2 pears. Pears are also good for lowering your blood pressure.

After just a week of having one juice a day I can already see changes. My eyes look whiter, my skin is clearer, I'm less tired and feel less bloated when I eat. I'm quite surprised by how quickly there was differences.

If you're thinking about juicing it recommend watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. He also has a book called 'Reboot with Joe Juice Diet' and you can buy that [here]. There are other documentaries I'd watch: Vegacated, Food Inc and Food Matters.

Next week, I'm continuing the juicing so I'll be having two juices a day. I've also started taking more exercises classes, so I shall be writing about that next week.

My healthyish fridge this week!

Couple of photos of some of the reboot juices I've made

Has anyone tried juicing, or wants to? If so, how did you find it all?
Comment Below as usual lovelies :)

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LIFESTYLE: My Week In Crete

Hello people! Hope you guys are still enjoying my new look page!

Last week I travelled to Crete with Teddy and his family so I figured I should write a blog about it all! Sorry about the qualities of some photos as they were taken on my phone

I absolutely hate flying, and I'm sure I got it from my Mother. She used to say 'If God wanted us to fly he would have given us wings'. So the days leading up to the four hour flight there were many im-not-going-leave-me-alone tantrums and panic attacks. Luckily the flight wasn't bad and we got to Heraklion airport safely

My phone was in airplane mode I promise! 

The holiday was filled with lots of relaxing, exploring and eating. So instead of typing too much, I'm gonna let the photos do the talking.

There's a Teddy in the sea!!

Our private pool! Literally on the beach!!

Awesome graffiti art 

Sunset by the villa

Cloudy day but still boiling hot!

Surfboard Restaurant with cocktails named after movie characters 

Me and Turkelton the Turtle

Hopefully this gives you a gist of how beautiful Crete is. I will do another two posts about all my outfits I wore and another about the delicious food I ate. So my holiday will live foreverrrrr....

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