The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum-in-Oil

I know I've discussed Vitamin E Oil on this blog before (You can read that [HERE]), but I found one that's much better!

The Body Shops Overnight Serum-in-oil is the new winner for me! It's specifically made for overnight use. As you most likely already know adults are supposed to get 8 hours a sleep a night (but who does when Netflix exists?!) so the serum works over 8 hours. 

One thing I didn't like about the other oil is how low down in the ingredients Vitamin E actually was and how much perfume and other extras was in it. This one has alot of natural elements which I find a lot better and less intimidating for my skin

I guess it's a bit weird that your night skincare looks like a science experiment (I searched the name on google, its called a dropper) but you simply squeeze the top to collect some oil and squeeze again to get some in your hands. Then you massage into your face and neck. Then sleep my pretties!!

Once I woke up in the morning my face was so smooth and I looked well rested. You know when people say they need to catch up on beauty sleep? Well now I know what they are using! It has a light pleasant smell, which is great as you don't want something that's overbearing while you're trying to sleep.

Anyone else tried The Body Shops Vitamin E range? I really want to try the Vitamin C stuff next. I know they're releasing these cool body sorbets soon too!

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  1. Netflix is definitely effecting my sleep lately, I blame orange is the new black! I've been tempted to get this oil, I might just have to pick it up!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


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