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Check me out, I'm back doing beauty reviews!

A couple of weeks ago I was sent Quickmax from Style Lux. Quickmax is an eyelash growth enhancer, and supposedly helps your eyelashes grow within a week.

I feel like we don't pay much attention to the health of our eyelashes.
I can't be the only one in the terrible habit of picking my mascara off when I'm bored at work, or using mascara everyday. Quickmax helps repair that while you sleep.

Its simple to apply, just swoop the brush along your lash line before bed. Then wash off as you normally do in the morning.

I was very sceptical about this product. It claims you can notice a difference within a week but you can see noticeable differences within 4-6 weeks. After a week I didn't see a difference, but continued to use it. It wasn't until the third week when my friend asked if I was wearing 'falsies'. I wasn't wearing any mascara at all!

I'm absolutely shocking at taking photos of my eye area so unfortunately I don't have any before and after photos (officially a terrible blogger).

I would definitely give this a try if you want natural looking lashes without the hassle of getting extensions. It's a product that doesn't work instantly, so I think users may want to stop using it but within a month you will see a change even if it is small.

You can buy the product [HERE]

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