How to Deal With Men During the World Cup

Ahhh its World Cup time again. Don't you just love it? Guessing from Twitter that's a huge 'no'. I saw alot of tweets complaining about the football, so I've decided to come up with a guide on how to deal with your boyfriend/brother/dad during the next couple of weeks


1. Act just as enthusiastic as they are. Even if you're being sarcastic 
This is most likely my favourite. Being the dedicated Crystal Palace fan he is, Teddy is always sure Palace are the ONES being screwed over. For example:
Me: Oh My God totally, is this fixed?! This has got to be fixed right?!
Teddy: Exactly, Palace never get decent refs for their games.
Me: I know!
That's all the communication you need for 90mins. You are now free to look at the fit players.

2. Beer and Pizza always wins!
During the World Cup is always the best time for Pizza/Beer deals. Do your research. With most men the bigger and meatier the better (wow that sounds dirty). Tell him the best deal, open up a beer, pour a glass of wine and now you're free to do that face mask you bought the other day with added girlfriend points.

3. Rewatch Gossip Girl from the beginning
The time has come. Netflix finally has season 6. There's nobody to tell you 'I swear you've seen it' or 'I don't wanna watch some girly programme!' It's all about you. It's time to dream about being rich and Chuck Bass being in love with you.

4. Learn some players names.
One time I heard a girl say she thought Beckham was a model not a footballer. I laughed, then thought 'meh, fair point'. If/when England are playing abysmal chuck a couple of names in conversation . For example: 'Gutting about Walcott's injury. He has the speed we clearly need', 'Some people talk smack about Rooney, but when he's good, he's great'. Say your line... then walk way like you're a badass bitch.

5. Starfish Time
So I've already heard 'Babe, I'm staying up late to watch the game tonight' and I've been a good actress and said 'Awwh okay' with a very disappointing tone. Luckily most of the games are late ones, which means I get the bed to myself for a bit. Starfish time! No snoring or getting hit in the face. Perfection. If its your dad, you don't have to listen to your mum complain. If its your brother you don't have to hear the SF of the playstation thats turned up ridiculously high. Bliss

Now obviously I'm joking about this, I just thought it would be funny to write about!

Any girls like me that actually enjoy watching the football? Or have any other tips for avoiding it? Comment below as usual...



  1. I love watching football too! Some of these tips might come in handy ;) ⚽

  2. brilliant post. I have become a world up widow, so my other half has become a blogging widower. Football come on, my laptop comes out :)

    Gaby x


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