Healthy Living: Starting Over

Hey guys, with my awesome new look blog I've decided that to make some changes. One was to expand my healthy living section a bit more. Newer readers many not know but I'm on a serious challenge to be healthy and fit. This section will include Healthy Recipes, Dieting Tips, and Exercises that I'm loving. I will try and update this weekly. Hope you enjoy it :)

I figured I'd start off this health kick with my outfit for working out. I feel like having cool clothes while I'm working out 
I got my first paycheck from my new job last week and the first thing I thought to buy was new trainers! I have no clue about trainers and I don't find them fashionable at all. So the only time you'll catch me wearing them is for exercise

PHOTO FROM JD SPORTS- because I ordered them and they hadn't received them in store yet *shakes fist*
Pretty right? Apparently these trainers are what the cool kids are wearing: Nike Frees. I dunno...It just looked pretty to me. On the plus side, they are ridiculously comfortable and allow your feet to breathe while exercising.

This is pretty much what I wear every time I work out. 

Yoga pants from Forever 21, Cropped trousers from Primark
I decided to get cropped trousers to work out as I hate running in shorts because I hate my thighs yet I hate being restricted by jogging bottoms. I have yoga shorts for you guessed it Yoga! Bikram yoga is basically yoga in a hot room so I really didn't want clothes sticking to me

The bra is my favourite thing about this outfit. My Victoria Secret yoga bra. It's slightly padded which adds the comfort rather than it being there to be all sexy. The support is great for me since I'm a DD and I don't really want black eyes from my boobs smacking me in the face 

Now, I'm gonna stress how this is all about HEALTHY LIVING not only weight loss! My goal in life is to be as healthy as possible. I am a good weight for my age and height, losing weight isn't what I'm promoting here even though some of my lifestyle style changes aid it. I'll admit in the past I have had posts about me losing weight for a particular time (my birthday/holiday), but that isn't something I do on a daily basis. I want to tone up,have the right stuff in my diet and enjoy exercising.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Next week is all about juicing! 

Comment below with stuff you want to find out about healthy living, what you wear to workout and if you have any questions about juicing I can put into my next post!

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  1. Love your blog and the fact your doing health and fitness type posts, in starting these myself :) I recently bought some nike frees but they arnt as snazzy as yours .. But oh so comfy ! New workout gear makes things more fun :) xx

    1. Awh thank you! I'll start reading yours, I love a good healthy living post!


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