Essence Make Up Launch

Hello my beauts. Sorry I've been MIA, I must ask those with a full time job how they fit blogging in!! 

On Sunday I was invited to a make up brands launch. Essence Cosmetics is Europe's number one make up brand and has officially launched in the UK this week. Essence is for girls that want to use make up to become an individual. It's target audience are young girls and women that want to have fun with make up looks. None of the products are tested on animals and they are always being tested to that they are kind to your skin. The prices are ridiculously low. I was very shocked at the high quality of products for the cheap price! But lets talk about what happened at the event. Be prepared for a picture heavy post...

My Very Professional Name Tag
Watermelon Cooler. YUM!
I invited my best friend to come with me, and once we found the venue (what a long walk) we were greeted and offered drinks and food. I chose to have a watermelon cooler which was so tasty. Love the milk glasses they were served in.

Walking into the venue we saw the makeup bar, and it was beautiful. It was basically like an aisle in boots that we could look at all the products and see what was on offer. There was also tables showcasing all the different things we could test.


After a speech from some of the Essence team they said we can help ourselves to anything at the make up bar. I repeat ANYTHING AT THE MAKE UP BAR. It honestly was a beauty bloggers dream. At first it felt like stealing, but then we all got into and got ridiculously excited.

Original Goodie Bags That Were Already Generous 

If a product at the make up bar was empty they would replace it in a matter of seconds. It was surreal! 

There was a beauty bar where a make up artist would do your make up using all the products and a nail bar to get a manicure. My friend doesn't wear any make up at all so I forced her to get a make over. Unfortunately she doesn't want me to put up photos but she looked even more gorgeous!

Make Up Station

Getting her nails done!
Being snapped looking at nail stuff haha!
After a couple of hours of walking around taking (still feels like stealing) make up products we were put in taxis and driven to the Essence store in Westfield White City!

Westfield White City Essence Make Up Bar

You could choose choose Guava or Elderflower Juice or be naughty and have some Prosecco!

Over in Westfield they had products that weren't at the launch. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to play supermarket sweep here. But could look and have something to drink. Our bags were so heavy we had to get picked up by my friends boyfriend!

As you can probably tell, there are a lot of products that I will be testing and possibly reviewing on Starla Says but there are a few I'm already in love with.
All of the nail polishes - The brush is amazing, it gives great coverage and gets right to the bottom so there won't be leftovers when its almost empty
Gel nails- They have a gel nail kit! And its so cheap. I didn't get these done, but I saw some other bloggers with it and it looked amazing!
Liquid Eyeliner- I used this in the morning before work and was very impressed by how easy it was to use and quickly it dried

So that sums up my day! Have any of you guys heard of this company before? If you wanna try some of this theyre stocked in Wilko stores around the UK. Comment below as usual...



  1. Looks like a fantastic event I'm gutted I couldn't make it out of bed!


    1. It was! Hope you had a good Saturday night though

  2. WOW! This looks like so much fun! I really like the photo where you're still holding the watermelon cooler, like nope, it's mine, not letting go!

    1. HAHAHA!
      It was that good. Perfect summer drink!

  3. This sounds like such an amazing opportunity! You lucky lady. I'm always looking for cruelty free brands so thanks for this :) also I work full time and post daily. My secret is writing in advance on a day off and scheduling them xx

    1. When she was doing her talk I was waiting for her to say it was cruelty free because I'd feel uncomfortable using them otherwise.
      I may do that, have a blog day on the weekend! Thanks for the advice :)


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