Healthy Living: Starting Over

Hey guys, with my awesome new look blog I've decided that to make some changes. One was to expand my healthy living section a bit more. Newer readers many not know but I'm on a serious challenge to be healthy and fit. This section will include Healthy Recipes, Dieting Tips, and Exercises that I'm loving. I will try and update this weekly. Hope you enjoy it :)

I figured I'd start off this health kick with my outfit for working out. I feel like having cool clothes while I'm working out 
I got my first paycheck from my new job last week and the first thing I thought to buy was new trainers! I have no clue about trainers and I don't find them fashionable at all. So the only time you'll catch me wearing them is for exercise

PHOTO FROM JD SPORTS- because I ordered them and they hadn't received them in store yet *shakes fist*
Pretty right? Apparently these trainers are what the cool kids are wearing: Nike Frees. I dunno...It just looked pretty to me. On the plus side, they are ridiculously comfortable and allow your feet to breathe while exercising.

This is pretty much what I wear every time I work out. 

Yoga pants from Forever 21, Cropped trousers from Primark
I decided to get cropped trousers to work out as I hate running in shorts because I hate my thighs yet I hate being restricted by jogging bottoms. I have yoga shorts for you guessed it Yoga! Bikram yoga is basically yoga in a hot room so I really didn't want clothes sticking to me

The bra is my favourite thing about this outfit. My Victoria Secret yoga bra. It's slightly padded which adds the comfort rather than it being there to be all sexy. The support is great for me since I'm a DD and I don't really want black eyes from my boobs smacking me in the face 

Now, I'm gonna stress how this is all about HEALTHY LIVING not only weight loss! My goal in life is to be as healthy as possible. I am a good weight for my age and height, losing weight isn't what I'm promoting here even though some of my lifestyle style changes aid it. I'll admit in the past I have had posts about me losing weight for a particular time (my birthday/holiday), but that isn't something I do on a daily basis. I want to tone up,have the right stuff in my diet and enjoy exercising.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Next week is all about juicing! 

Comment below with stuff you want to find out about healthy living, what you wear to workout and if you have any questions about juicing I can put into my next post!

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Who Is Mariah Jean?

Hello there!

 Look at my new blog layout and website! Major thank you to Sarah over at TrisarahTops Designs who worked so fast and dealt with all my annoying emails!

I figured I'd do a post where you lovely readers really get to know me, so here it goes.

My name is Mariah Jean and I'm born on the 27th March. I am 23

I've in London/Kent with my boyfriend of 5 years Joey. I tend to call him Teddy on here because... well just look:
If teddybears were human...

Here we are in 2009..


And in 2014

We also have a cat called Luca who looks like Puss in Boots

Here I am with my three year old Godson Finlay. He's awesome, but that might be cause we're on the same level of maturity.

I have a passion for beauty and healthy living, hence why I started this blog. I also love sharing with people stuff that happens in live such as where I've been on holiday, what I've bought for my home and posts like that.

I hope thats taught you a little bit about me and you enjoy reading. 
I recently went to Crete so expect a holiday post coming soon. Comment below and I'll check out your blog too and don't forget to follow me on the following links 



Hello Lovelies

Sorry for the lack of blog posts recently, I'm currently working on some big changes.

Stay tuned...


How to Deal With Men During the World Cup

Ahhh its World Cup time again. Don't you just love it? Guessing from Twitter that's a huge 'no'. I saw alot of tweets complaining about the football, so I've decided to come up with a guide on how to deal with your boyfriend/brother/dad during the next couple of weeks


1. Act just as enthusiastic as they are. Even if you're being sarcastic 
This is most likely my favourite. Being the dedicated Crystal Palace fan he is, Teddy is always sure Palace are the ONES being screwed over. For example:
Me: Oh My God totally, is this fixed?! This has got to be fixed right?!
Teddy: Exactly, Palace never get decent refs for their games.
Me: I know!
That's all the communication you need for 90mins. You are now free to look at the fit players.

2. Beer and Pizza always wins!
During the World Cup is always the best time for Pizza/Beer deals. Do your research. With most men the bigger and meatier the better (wow that sounds dirty). Tell him the best deal, open up a beer, pour a glass of wine and now you're free to do that face mask you bought the other day with added girlfriend points.

3. Rewatch Gossip Girl from the beginning
The time has come. Netflix finally has season 6. There's nobody to tell you 'I swear you've seen it' or 'I don't wanna watch some girly programme!' It's all about you. It's time to dream about being rich and Chuck Bass being in love with you.

4. Learn some players names.
One time I heard a girl say she thought Beckham was a model not a footballer. I laughed, then thought 'meh, fair point'. If/when England are playing abysmal chuck a couple of names in conversation . For example: 'Gutting about Walcott's injury. He has the speed we clearly need', 'Some people talk smack about Rooney, but when he's good, he's great'. Say your line... then walk way like you're a badass bitch.

5. Starfish Time
So I've already heard 'Babe, I'm staying up late to watch the game tonight' and I've been a good actress and said 'Awwh okay' with a very disappointing tone. Luckily most of the games are late ones, which means I get the bed to myself for a bit. Starfish time! No snoring or getting hit in the face. Perfection. If its your dad, you don't have to listen to your mum complain. If its your brother you don't have to hear the SF of the playstation thats turned up ridiculously high. Bliss

Now obviously I'm joking about this, I just thought it would be funny to write about!

Any girls like me that actually enjoy watching the football? Or have any other tips for avoiding it? Comment below as usual...


The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum-in-Oil

I know I've discussed Vitamin E Oil on this blog before (You can read that [HERE]), but I found one that's much better!

The Body Shops Overnight Serum-in-oil is the new winner for me! It's specifically made for overnight use. As you most likely already know adults are supposed to get 8 hours a sleep a night (but who does when Netflix exists?!) so the serum works over 8 hours. 

One thing I didn't like about the other oil is how low down in the ingredients Vitamin E actually was and how much perfume and other extras was in it. This one has alot of natural elements which I find a lot better and less intimidating for my skin

I guess it's a bit weird that your night skincare looks like a science experiment (I searched the name on google, its called a dropper) but you simply squeeze the top to collect some oil and squeeze again to get some in your hands. Then you massage into your face and neck. Then sleep my pretties!!

Once I woke up in the morning my face was so smooth and I looked well rested. You know when people say they need to catch up on beauty sleep? Well now I know what they are using! It has a light pleasant smell, which is great as you don't want something that's overbearing while you're trying to sleep.

Anyone else tried The Body Shops Vitamin E range? I really want to try the Vitamin C stuff next. I know they're releasing these cool body sorbets soon too!

 Comment Below as usual...


Quickmax Review*

Check me out, I'm back doing beauty reviews!

A couple of weeks ago I was sent Quickmax from Style Lux. Quickmax is an eyelash growth enhancer, and supposedly helps your eyelashes grow within a week.

I feel like we don't pay much attention to the health of our eyelashes.
I can't be the only one in the terrible habit of picking my mascara off when I'm bored at work, or using mascara everyday. Quickmax helps repair that while you sleep.

Its simple to apply, just swoop the brush along your lash line before bed. Then wash off as you normally do in the morning.

I was very sceptical about this product. It claims you can notice a difference within a week but you can see noticeable differences within 4-6 weeks. After a week I didn't see a difference, but continued to use it. It wasn't until the third week when my friend asked if I was wearing 'falsies'. I wasn't wearing any mascara at all!

I'm absolutely shocking at taking photos of my eye area so unfortunately I don't have any before and after photos (officially a terrible blogger).

I would definitely give this a try if you want natural looking lashes without the hassle of getting extensions. It's a product that doesn't work instantly, so I think users may want to stop using it but within a month you will see a change even if it is small.

You can buy the product [HERE]

Anyone wanting to try this product? Comment below as always


What I've Being Doing- Two

Hey all another quick update for you guys

As i've stated before, I've recently got a new job. I'm stuck in the office on my own and I don't really do much but it's so exhausting. I need to get my body back in the routine of getting up early and a lot of walking. I wonder how bloggers with a full time job can juggle both a blog and job. Any advice?!!

I hope you guys have read my review of the essence launch. You can read it [HERE]. Such a fun day, I've been testing make up since I came home from there.

With my holiday coming up soooo ridiculously soon I've changed up my facial care routine. As soon as I get out of the shower I've been putting sudocreme all over my face like a mask. I've always found it helps my spots so I wondered what it would be like all over my face! Just before I go to bed I wash that all off and use The Body Shop vitamin E serum overnight. I haven't even seen a trace of a spot since doing this. My face is clearer and brighter and I've even been told I look younger. I'm gonna do a blog post on this in the future.

Now that Teddy and I are earning enough to be comfortable we can finally start buying stuff to make our flat all homey. I've been spending all my time looking at the IKEA website seeing what I can spend. George at ASDA is also really great for lovely home accessories. I'm far too excited to go shopping!

Lovely flowers from Teddy when I was sad. Relaxing at work. Seeing Katy Perry at the O2. My own recipe of baked banana frittas!

Did anyone else see Katy Perry on her latest tour? Or do you want my low fat banana frittas recipe? Comment below as usual lovelies 


Essence Make Up Launch

Hello my beauts. Sorry I've been MIA, I must ask those with a full time job how they fit blogging in!! 

On Sunday I was invited to a make up brands launch. Essence Cosmetics is Europe's number one make up brand and has officially launched in the UK this week. Essence is for girls that want to use make up to become an individual. It's target audience are young girls and women that want to have fun with make up looks. None of the products are tested on animals and they are always being tested to that they are kind to your skin. The prices are ridiculously low. I was very shocked at the high quality of products for the cheap price! But lets talk about what happened at the event. Be prepared for a picture heavy post...

My Very Professional Name Tag
Watermelon Cooler. YUM!
I invited my best friend to come with me, and once we found the venue (what a long walk) we were greeted and offered drinks and food. I chose to have a watermelon cooler which was so tasty. Love the milk glasses they were served in.

Walking into the venue we saw the makeup bar, and it was beautiful. It was basically like an aisle in boots that we could look at all the products and see what was on offer. There was also tables showcasing all the different things we could test.


After a speech from some of the Essence team they said we can help ourselves to anything at the make up bar. I repeat ANYTHING AT THE MAKE UP BAR. It honestly was a beauty bloggers dream. At first it felt like stealing, but then we all got into and got ridiculously excited.

Original Goodie Bags That Were Already Generous 

If a product at the make up bar was empty they would replace it in a matter of seconds. It was surreal! 

There was a beauty bar where a make up artist would do your make up using all the products and a nail bar to get a manicure. My friend doesn't wear any make up at all so I forced her to get a make over. Unfortunately she doesn't want me to put up photos but she looked even more gorgeous!

Make Up Station

Getting her nails done!
Being snapped looking at nail stuff haha!
After a couple of hours of walking around taking (still feels like stealing) make up products we were put in taxis and driven to the Essence store in Westfield White City!

Westfield White City Essence Make Up Bar

You could choose choose Guava or Elderflower Juice or be naughty and have some Prosecco!

Over in Westfield they had products that weren't at the launch. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to play supermarket sweep here. But could look and have something to drink. Our bags were so heavy we had to get picked up by my friends boyfriend!

As you can probably tell, there are a lot of products that I will be testing and possibly reviewing on Starla Says but there are a few I'm already in love with.
All of the nail polishes - The brush is amazing, it gives great coverage and gets right to the bottom so there won't be leftovers when its almost empty
Gel nails- They have a gel nail kit! And its so cheap. I didn't get these done, but I saw some other bloggers with it and it looked amazing!
Liquid Eyeliner- I used this in the morning before work and was very impressed by how easy it was to use and quickly it dried

So that sums up my day! Have any of you guys heard of this company before? If you wanna try some of this theyre stocked in Wilko stores around the UK. Comment below as usual...