Why the Gym Is Not For Me

If you guys follow my twitter/instagram (you totally should, im amazing ;)) you'll know that I am always talking/complaining about my workouts but the truth is I never go to the gym.

When I first put on all that steroids weight, my doctor signed a form saying I could go for free. So out shopping I went to get the nicest workout clothes I could find in order to look and start to feel great. When I got to the gym and started to use all the equipment I just felt 'meh'. I had no motivation to continue, I just felt like I was going through the motions. Then I saw the zumba class looking like they were having fun and sweating heaps at the same time. That's where my love for group classes began.


I have done: yoga, bikram yoga, zumba, fab abs, body pump, taebo and ones that don't even have names. There's something about having people group classes that makes me want to work harder and not give up. Maybe it's because I know everyone else is going through the same pain as I am! But I stopped relying on student loans and entered the world of unemployment and started using fitness DVDs and going for runs.

Last Saturday, Teddy went to the gym and I followed behind and geared up to do my first Fab Abs lesson. Finally a better excuse to show off my Victoria Secret gym bra!! It was such hard work. I don't have the strongest set thighs and I feel most abs exercises use them, so I was in alot of pain during. In the classes I was complaining to a girl I met that my abs didn't feel any struggle and thought it was a crap class... Until the next day. I couldn't laugh, or brush my hair but I knew I had to go back for more. So i've booked to go three times a week until my holiday. I WILL be bikini ready for Crete :)

Are you guys gym people or group exercise people? Has anyone tried a group exercise they think i'll like? Comment below as usual lovelies :)

Lots of love


  1. I don't go to gyms either. I do some DVDs and Wii fit things at home, and I go to pole classes. I love it, it's the only fitness thing I can stick to. I posted about it recently xx

  2. I hate the gym too, I'd have no motivation to go. Like you, I like exercises dvds, I much prefer working out alone although I occasionally I'd like someone there to help motivate me, I find it so much more convenient, fun and I'm finally starting to see results since pushing myself harder every time I work out! xx

  3. I wish I could love the gym... but sadly it fills me with terror, ha!

  4. I've never been to the gym or done a group workout but I feel like I would be the group person mostly because I need all the motivation I can get when it comes to working out haha. The most exercise I get at this point is taking my dog for a walk!
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