What's in my Tea Cupboard

I think in every top five I've done on this blog, I've mentioned herbal tea. I can't help it, i'm obsessed. I think it started when my mum used to give me fresh mint tea from her mint tree in the garden. When I moved into my new flat I pleaded with Teddy to have my own tea cupboard in the kitchen and its my favourite part of the flat.

I tend to drink these whenever, but have split them into categories of uses that I think is best for them: Best for Calming, Best for Bloating, Best for when you feel unwell

Best for Calming
Camomile and Spearmint
Camomile and Vanilla

As you can see, this group is heavy on the camomile. That's because camomile is great for soothing and calming you down which I need. 

Best for Bloating
Green Tea with Mango and Passionfruit
Green Tea and Caramelised Apple

Green tea is a bloated persons saviour. I've written about my love for Green Tea before. I tend to have a cup in the morning and another before bed. I've noticed since doing that my stomach looks alot smaller after meals

Best for When You Feel Unwell 
Lemon and Ginger
Camomile and honey
Camomile with lemon balm and manuka honey

I love a hot drink when I'm not feeling well, I have the worst immune system in the world. Lemon, Ginger and Honey all help to boost your immune system. Drinking it in a hot drink is much better and tastier than eating a glove of garlic believe me!!

So that's all the teas in my cupboard. I definitely want to try some new ones with different benefits. What would you guys suggest?

Lots of love 




  1. I love lemon and ginger tea, especially after a big meal! The fresh mint tea your mum made sounds lush!
    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

    1. ahhh it was! I might have to pop round and ask for it again now lol

  2. I also have a tea cupboard! My visitors think I'm crazy and tea obsessed, they may be right. My favourite is Chai by a long shot, but I recently found a chocolate tea which I adore. xx

    1. So glad im not the only one!!
      Chocolate tea?!!! Thats insane

    2. Picking out your tea from your garden sounds divine! Good mom :P

      Great post:)

      Thanks for sharing your link!
      Keep in touch!



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