What I've Been Up To- One

Hey guys. I'm trying to bring the lifestyle element back to my blog so I thought I'd add a series about some of the things I've been up to recently!

A couple of weeks ago we travelled down to Portsmouth for Teddy's Sister-in-laws 30th Birthday. It was 50s themed! I'll admit, I'm quite terrible at dressing up for themes so I opted for my trustee Elvis t-shirt and a polka dot skirt. The boys bought brillcream and had fun slicking their hair back. Teddy and his mum were in charge of food and made some amazing american themed food. There's a reason why I put on so much weight recently! The cake was sci-fi themed too! It had a tardis, a GoT dragon, and I think a hobbit hiding somewhere!

I also got a shiny new job this week! I am now an Office Assistant for the BAU Foundation. They basically are a trust to make schools better. I have the office to myself to its great for working while belting out some Total Eclipse of the Heart. 

My lonely office
I've also decided to go to more group exercises instead of working out at home. My last post described why I don't really enjoy going to the gym so I wont go over that again. I can tell you my local gyms timetable off by heart the way I study it for my next class at work!

Other stuff I've been loving:

1. Body Shops Vitamin E overnight serum oil. This is brilliant. I won't go into too much detail as I really want to write a post about it. But I am loving it so far
2. Elderflower and Green Tea drink. The shop by my work sells this and it tastes divine. I've had one everyday this week!
3. Strawberry and Cream Tart. I had a terrible first day at work and Teddy surprised me with this tart. It was so tasty, I thought screw the diet for a day!
4. Grapefruit and Pink Lemonade. Pink Lemonade always cheers me up, i'm not sure if its the taste or the fact that its pink! I went to the doctors last week and they said I had problems with my liver and they're gonna keep an eye on it (stupid medication making me more sick) So I researched that grapefruit is good for cleansing your liver as well as aiding weight loss! GET IN!!

What is everyone up to this weekend. It's a bank holiday in the UK so that's three days off work! My best friend is having a BBQ and I'm in charge of baking so watch out for those recipes ;)
What are you guys up to this weekend?

Lots of love



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