Much Ado About Nothing at The Globe Theatre

Hello loves! Last week Teddy took me to see my favourite Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing at the Globe. Much Ado has been my favourite play since I studied it in school. I suppose it helps that I got an A in that exam.

Much Ado is one of Shakespeare's comedies, but instead of boring you with the synopis of the play I'm gonna link you to the wikipedia site [HERE]

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The Globe is beautiful. It's circular (hence the name) and has a place where people can stand and watch the play. There aren't any restricted views here, which you can get in most theatres  and then you regret buying the ticket! It also has an open top roof so you get all natural lighting (and sounds)

The play was so funny and amazing. The characters were played so well, and had great comedic timing. Even when things went wrong on stage (the washing line collapsing and bringing all the clothes down) they still continued to finish the play professionally.

I really want to see another play here, especially in the summer so it's sunny and warm.

Have any of you guys been? What would you recommend me to watch? 
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Lots of love


  1. I've only visited it but not seen a play. I would have to have a seat - I would fidget far too much if standing
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    . Bet it was a great experience though!

    1. I was fidgeting in my seat!! But you rent cushions to sit on thankfully

  2. I have nominated you for an award, have a look at my blog to find out more information x


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