Mariah's Monday Manicure

Hey beautifuls, I hope everyone in the UK is having a great Bank Holiday! So here's my nails for the week

Nail Colour: Barry Ms Grey and Essies Matte Top Coat with Barry Ms White tip pen

Why did you choose this colour: I have a couple of interviews this week and I wanted to be professional

Nail shape: Short and square. They've actually grown alot this week!!

Any nail art?: Well once again i've gone for the matte finish which I'm currently obsessed with and just a simple white dot at the top. Honestly I have no idea why I did it...but it gives it a different edge 

I hope you guys have entered my giveaway [HERE], its full of cool goodies that I PROMISE have never been used. Just my way of saying thank you for reading :)


Lots of Love


  1. Gorgeous colour & shape! Love the little detailing too, uber cute xx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks


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