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I know I'm being a bit of a sheep doing this post but following recent events in the blogging community I feel like everyone should spread the love!
 Here are SOME of my favourite bloggers

I've been reading this blog for ages and Kayleigh is actually the reason I started blogging. She has beautiful photos and great content. I always am really interested in what she thinks of a product even if I wouldn't use them myself. She's also one of the nicest girls I've spoken to.

Em is another blogger that inspired me to write my own blog. I love all her posts especially the travel ones. She really makes you explore the world through her eyes. Its like reading a great travel guide. Im also insanely jealous of her body but she also does fitness posts so I can learn her tips (if I wasn't so lazy and liked pizza). She's also lovely to talk to, even if she is tweeting while sunbathing on a beach! Check out her online shop LVNDR which does lovely afordable jewellery

I am obsessed with Georginas blog. It filled with fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts. I especially love her lifestyle posts which vary from places she's eaten to job search stuff. I met Georgina earlier this year and we danced to Beyonce Crazy in Love after far too much prosecco and pizza!

Patricia is a fashion blogger with incredible style. Her photos look amazing and she always chooses lovely outifts. It does help that she's absolutely gorgeous aswell! I have bought a few things after seeing her wear it!

There you have it. Some of my favourite bloggers. I felt the need to share some love and Id advise you guys to do the same. You could be making a fellow bloggers day :)



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  1. Never been on any of these sites so excited to check them out :)



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