What I Wore - Paris Edition

Hello there! Recently I've felt like my blog needs a more fashion focus at times. I love fashion but I don't exactly feel fashionable. I honestly never feel pretty enough to take photos of myself and always feel silly.

I've been talking to a lot of Fashion Bloggers on twitter and their main advice was just to have fun with fashion and enjoy taking photos. So I bring you a couple of posts of me in Paris...a city known for its fashion!

Sunglasses: ASOS
Jacket: ASOS
T-shirt: New Look
Trousers: Boohoo
Shoes: Random Market

I actually planned my outfits for Paris weeks in advance. I felt like I should show off what little style I have! I saw these trousers on Boohoo and instantly fell in love. I can't seem to go anywhere without seeing someone wearing tartan these days. What drew me to the trousers was the 7/8 length. Ughhhh to die for!! My top says Hopeless Romantic and I thought it was plain as well as cute so bought it instantly. 

Playsuit: Boohoo
Converse: Office

The next day was my birthday and we celebrated it in Disneyland! I figured since we would be walking around all the different lands I would wear comfy shoes and to me this means my trusty white(ish) converse. I wanted to be quite girly so I decided to buy my first playsuit. I thought it looked lovely with the little hearts on it.

And that's my first proper fashion post! Hopefully you guys enjoyed it and want me to do more. Comment below as usual

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  1. I just love the tartan trousers, pretty photos x


  2. Love those tartan trousers, I really want some but don't think they will suit me!


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