Top Five: Birthday Party Etiquette

Hey Lovelies, as you know it was my birthday last week. After spending time in Paris I had a birthday gathering at a cocktail bar. It was then when I noticed some people just didn't have the right birthday party attitude so I figured I should write a blog post about it.

1. Leave the Dad dancing to your Dad.
Please don't be that girl/boy busting out some serious old bad skool moves on the dance floor. You might cause an accident.

2. If you aren't going to turn up, it's best to text/call the host
Hearing it from someone else isn't the best way to get an invite to next years birthday. Who would want that?!

3. Do not get emotional and pass out in the toilet (especially after 3 Malibus and cokes)
Being a sloppy abusive drunk is not attractive 

4. Never look better than the birthday girl/boy
They most likely put a lot of effort into that outfit. By looking better than them you've most likely spoilt their night, and will forever be a bitch in their eyes

5. Get chatting to people! 
Don't be the person/people separated from the group. Especially if you know people there. You look like a pretentious douche.

EXTRA TIP: Do not get off with birthday girl/boys family members
The birthday girl/boy has enough going on without that tattooed on their brain.

HAHA okay okay, clearly I'm not being serious...It's April Fools and I'm not even that bitchy. I wrote this with my best friend and boyfriend who picked out highlights of the night. I really enjoyed myself and was surrounded by some of my best friends who made turning 23 a lot of fun!!

Have you guys got any jokey Birthday Party Etiquette that I've missed? Or a funny story that happened at a party? As always...comment below.


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