Review: Sephora -Rouge Shine No3- Tenderness

I feel like I've been looking for a nude lipstick for most of my life, when really it's since I've been watching and obsessing over Kim Kardashian.

Whilst in Paris I visited the beauty blogger holy land - Sephora. I could have easily spent the whole day and every last euro I had in there but I don't think Teddy would have been very happy.

After looking and testing out practically every lipstick I found Rouge Shine- Tenderness.

First of all I love the packaging. I like the length of it, it feels more elegant than the lipsticks that are shorter. I also love how the sephora sign is embedded into the lipstick.

Ahhh the love I have for this lipstick has no boundaries. It's a glossy lip colour and I can see it has sparkly, metallic undertones. It feels lighter on my lips compared to other lipsticks I have, and because of this its also a great substitute for a high shine lip gloss.

I wore this on the night of my birthday party. It kept my lips hydrated throughout the night and didn't cake on my lips.

Very booby and intoxicated

I think I would purchase another lipstick from Sephora... Once I get a job and can afford to buy online! Have any of you guys got anything from Sephora before? Do I look like a weird Barbie with it on? Comment below as usual :)


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