Review: Perfect Eyelashes - Glam*

Howdy Beautifuls. I've got beauty review for all you ladies getting ready on a Friday night!!

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted and asked to try out a pair of eyelashes. With loads of glammed up events to go to I imediately said yes!

Perfect Eyelashes are a company that originally did eyelash extensions. Recently they have released their line of strip lashes and I was fortunate enough to try them out.

Currently there are four different types of lashes. Intense, Natural, Volume and Glam. They each have their own style and create a different look.

As I knew I'd use them for my birthday, I went for glam.

I'm not the best person at putting on eyelashes- I normally get pre-glued to save the hassle. Unfortunately these lashes don't come with glue so I used some eyelure eyelash glue. I was surprised at how easy these were to put on. They feel so weightless and flexible. I've come to the conclusion that because they are made from real hair they are easier to work with.  I always find with putting on other lashes, once I press it onto the corner of my eye the other sticks up so uncomfortably. With these lashes it was so flexible I could bend it round to stick to the other corner a lot faster.

I have nothing but positive things to say about these lashes. These are the first lashes that have stayed on all night for me and I'm actually able to reuse them! They didn't look too fake either, I had people ask of I got eyelash extensions! 

I do love the packaging as well. It's black and pink which makes it all sexy and flirty. It also say 'you are beautiful' on the inside which is ridiculously sweet.

If I ever accidentally destroy or lose one of these eyelashes I will definitely buy another pair!

Me using them on my birthday... taking photos of my eyes is so difficult!!
What do you guys think of these lashes? I'm actually wearing them for the third time tonight for drinks with some college friends. Any tips for putting eyelashes on quickly? Comment below!!




  1. Hey Mariah! I just wanted you to know that I've nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award and you can check it out at :) Have a fantastic day!

    xoxo, Vero.

  2. I've put fake eyelashes on the first time last week! the packaging does look rather nice and glad to hear you've been using them more than once!



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