My Hair Holy Grail Products

Look who has a brand new laptop charger and can finally blog?! MEEE!

Anyway, I've been put on a spending ban and I've been wondering what I can review, then I thought about my hair!! I'm currently on medication that makes my hair fall out and become very thin and just awful. So I have three products that I use religiously to make sure my hair looks and feels good.

In comes Moroccan Oil products!! Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo and conditionerRestorative Hair Mask and of course the original Moroccan Oil.

The repair shampoo and conditioner is designed to repair chemically damaged hair. Now I've dyed my hair a lot over the years I've been purple, light brown, blonde, black, as well as getting it relaxed (chemically straightened) every 6-8 weeks. So trust me... my hair has battled with chemicals. After using these products my hair feels thicker, and softer which is great because after a relax my hair tends to feel horrible and crispy!

Between shampooing and conditioning, I use a Restorative Hair Mask. Once again this is great for chemically damaged hair. It claims to penetrate into your hair to regain strength and elasticity lost by chemicals. This mask is full of protein, which makes your hair a lot healthier and shiny. I thought protein was only good for abs ;). After shampooing you have to leave it in your hair for around 7-10 for it to really get into your hair roots.

After all that I finally use Moroccan Oil. I'm sure you've read in the blogassphere about this wonder product and it certainly lives up to the hype. I've been using it about a year and my hair has become thicker, shinier and there's been less breakage. All these products have the same pleasant smell.

Moroccan Oil products can be quite expensive whether you buy online or in a shop. Feel unique is the cheapest place I've found it. They also do smaller versions- almost like samples- that cost less. I tend to buy these as these products last quite a while.

As this is a blog post about hair i'll tell you about another product I'm trying out. It's called Biotin. I've done some research and it apparently helps with hair growth as well as normal functioning of the nervous system! I intend to use for a couple of months so there will be a review!

Anyone else love Moroccan Oil or are you someone that hates it? Have you tried Biotin and can give me advice on it? Comment Below, and give me a follow :)




  1. I have a few Morrocan Oil body products and I really like them. As for Biotin I've been using it for....goodness 6 months? And my hair was in a bad place and it's started growing again - not sure if it's my body changing or the Biotin but I'm continuing to take it!

    1. I'm so glad someone answered with advice!! I've noticed a difference after a couple of weeks which is crazy. I officially love the stuff!

  2. I bought the Moroccan Oil treatment a few weeks back and I have to say I'm already noticing a difference in my hair texture! It doesn't feel as rough anymore plus that SHINE! It is a gift from the gods!


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