Mariah's Monday Manicure!

*Don't you just love when scheduled post doesn't post?*

Hello lovelies! Got another Monday Manicure for you oogle at!

Nail Colour: Barry Ms Strawberry Ice Cream and Essies Matte Top Coat

Why did you chose this colour?: Pink is my favourite colour, and I thought it would look lovely mattifed 

Nail shape: Shorter and square. I had to give them a chop this week. Kept getting bent and it really hurts as my nails are so strong

Any nail art?: It guess its not art but a top coat, but matte :)

Do you guys like the matte finish? I became obsessed when I saw Kim Kardashians black matte nails a while back

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  1. Such a gorgeous colour!

  2. I love this shade, I have it myself and it's soo pretty

    Lauren xx


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