Mariah's Monday Manicure

Hello guys, I'm alive. I apologise for being MIA, I got into a bit of a blogging funk, but I am back with some cool posts this week. Now I know it's not Monday, but I NEED to show you my manicure for this week. 

Nail colour: Models Own- Speckled Eggs Magpie and Duck

Why did you chose this colour: Because it's Easter!!

Nail Shape: long and square... I think I need a chop soon guys 

Any nail art: not needed... Look how badass these look?

I got these 2 for £8 in Superdrug, so get them now. It takes about three coats it get it looking really good, but goes on so nicely. I think I may buy more Models Own polishes!

I promise I won't leave it so long to blog next time guys! How have you been? How was your Easter?

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