Detox for Summer

Hey you lovely people...see I told you I'd be back blogging. Today I'm talking about having a detox for summer. I'm going on holiday in about 40 days... I've bought my Triangl swimwear yet I feel horrid after all that fried food over Easter!

I don't wanna sound too preachy, so I've decided to do this as a quick top five.

1. Up your fruit and vegetable game!
I personally love fruit. I always start my day with half a grapefruit as it kick starts your metabolism. We're supposed to eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, and you can do this easy by making smoothies or even making a vegetable stir fry.

2. Workout time!
Je d├ęteste la gym! Honestly, I hate it and always feel watched. I tend to go jogging, or to group workouts such as Zumba. Also, don't stick your nose up at exercise DVDs- these are great if you barely have any time. If you barely exercise , start easy by just taking the stairs to your floor rather than the lift, or walking to a bus stop further away.

3. Hello Water and Green Tea
Surprise, surprise I'm talking about water. But it's most likely the greatest thing on this Earth. It will help you get lovely skin for the summer when its time to get those pins out. Green Tea has become the superfood of the year! Plain green tea tastes awful to me, so I tend to find ones with flavours. I'm currently enjoying caramelised apple green tea. It tastes like apple pie in a mug!! I've also cut down on my wine and other alcohol intake...empty calories!!

4. Less white carbs!
This is most likely the hardest for me. White carbs are basically highly processed foods with very low nutrient value. Saying that, white potatoes and rice come under white carbs. They tend you bloat you and make you feel fuller. Learn how to swap white carbs with more wholemeal types. Instead of chips/wedges Teddy and I make sweet potato wedges, or have brown pasta/rice. If I need sugar I tend to use either brown sugar or a sugar substitute.

5. Set yourself goals!
I always find it easier and less likely to slip up if I have a goal. Mine this year is to look good in my bikini. In the past my goals have been to run around the whole park without getting out of breath. It's also easier and lot more fun if your detoxing with someone as they can help you out and be a great support system.

I hope these tips help you. I've had alot of people tell me how crappy they feel after eating so much chocolate at Easter so I figured I'd write this up to help get back on that healthy lifestyle wagon!

Lots of love


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  1. I'm on a bit of a health kick too at the moment, have upped my exercise routines and keeping them varied so I don't get bored. Noticing small changes of my body already :) flavoured green tea is actually ok isn't it! I'm definitely drinking more of that, and tons of water too! xx

    1. Normal green tea is just blehhhhh!
      AWW well I hope this post has helped :)


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