A Very Nosey Beauty Tag

Hey lovelies. I've been tagged to do a Very Nosey Beauty tag by the lovely sisters Kate and Charlotte over at HOW LOVELY. Please read their answers, I was giggling the whole way through!

Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners and lip products or lose all of your palettes and eye shadows?

Palettes and eyeshadows. I look about 10 without eyeliner

Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again?
Never be able to cut it again, I have difficulty growing my hair and that sounds like a dream haha

If you had £500, would you spend this on clothes or makeup?
I must be a terrible beauty blogger, but I'm going to have to say clothes *hides face*

Would you rather only use one eyeshadow colour or one lip colour for the rest of your life?
Lip colour...it works for Gwen Stefani right?

Bright nails or nude nails all year round?
Bright nails...always!

Would you rather never be able to use lipgloss or paint your nails again?
Never use lipgloss... I feel naky without a manicure

Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one?
One with a huge wand that ACTUALLY gets all the lashes, and on the other end a smaller brush to get lower lashes

Favourite high street/drugstore beauty brand?
I'm going with Rimmel

Favourite high end beauty brand?
MAC... Is MAC high end?

Is there any makeup you can't leave the house without wearing?
Eyebrow pencil

What is your most cherished beauty product?
HAHA my eyebrow pencil, we're best friends

What skin type do you have?
Oily :(

Do you always use the same skin routine or do you like switching it up?
The same as I'm prone to breakouts

Top 5 Beauty Gurus?
Kim Kardashian
Jourdan Dunn
Mila Kunis
Lauren Conrad
Lala Anthony

If you could only buy one makeup brand forever which would you buy?

Which brand has your favourite packaging?
Soap and Glory is cute

Which do you apply first, concealer or foundation?
Foundation... I dont wear concealer

Name a makeup crime you hate.
Not blending. I went to uni with a girl who had a horrible orange line around her chin. Oyyy

Quick Fire:

Blush or bronzer?

Lipgloss or lipstick?

Foundation or concealer?

Brushes or sponges?

OPI or Essie?

Lotion or Body Butter?
Body Butters.. they smell yummy!

I hope you enjoyed reading that! I'm terrible at tagging so if you wanna do this go ahead and link me your replies!

Lots of love


Detox for Summer

Hey you lovely people...see I told you I'd be back blogging. Today I'm talking about having a detox for summer. I'm going on holiday in about 40 days... I've bought my Triangl swimwear yet I feel horrid after all that fried food over Easter!

I don't wanna sound too preachy, so I've decided to do this as a quick top five.

1. Up your fruit and vegetable game!
I personally love fruit. I always start my day with half a grapefruit as it kick starts your metabolism. We're supposed to eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, and you can do this easy by making smoothies or even making a vegetable stir fry.

2. Workout time!
Je d├ęteste la gym! Honestly, I hate it and always feel watched. I tend to go jogging, or to group workouts such as Zumba. Also, don't stick your nose up at exercise DVDs- these are great if you barely have any time. If you barely exercise , start easy by just taking the stairs to your floor rather than the lift, or walking to a bus stop further away.

3. Hello Water and Green Tea
Surprise, surprise I'm talking about water. But it's most likely the greatest thing on this Earth. It will help you get lovely skin for the summer when its time to get those pins out. Green Tea has become the superfood of the year! Plain green tea tastes awful to me, so I tend to find ones with flavours. I'm currently enjoying caramelised apple green tea. It tastes like apple pie in a mug!! I've also cut down on my wine and other alcohol intake...empty calories!!

4. Less white carbs!
This is most likely the hardest for me. White carbs are basically highly processed foods with very low nutrient value. Saying that, white potatoes and rice come under white carbs. They tend you bloat you and make you feel fuller. Learn how to swap white carbs with more wholemeal types. Instead of chips/wedges Teddy and I make sweet potato wedges, or have brown pasta/rice. If I need sugar I tend to use either brown sugar or a sugar substitute.

5. Set yourself goals!
I always find it easier and less likely to slip up if I have a goal. Mine this year is to look good in my bikini. In the past my goals have been to run around the whole park without getting out of breath. It's also easier and lot more fun if your detoxing with someone as they can help you out and be a great support system.

I hope these tips help you. I've had alot of people tell me how crappy they feel after eating so much chocolate at Easter so I figured I'd write this up to help get back on that healthy lifestyle wagon!

Lots of love


[these images are not my own]

Mariah's Monday Manicure!

*Don't you just love when scheduled post doesn't post?*

Hello lovelies! Got another Monday Manicure for you oogle at!

Nail Colour: Barry Ms Strawberry Ice Cream and Essies Matte Top Coat

Why did you chose this colour?: Pink is my favourite colour, and I thought it would look lovely mattifed 

Nail shape: Shorter and square. I had to give them a chop this week. Kept getting bent and it really hurts as my nails are so strong

Any nail art?: It guess its not art but a top coat, but matte :)

Do you guys like the matte finish? I became obsessed when I saw Kim Kardashians black matte nails a while back

Comment below to show you love me!!


My Hair Holy Grail Products

Look who has a brand new laptop charger and can finally blog?! MEEE!

Anyway, I've been put on a spending ban and I've been wondering what I can review, then I thought about my hair!! I'm currently on medication that makes my hair fall out and become very thin and just awful. So I have three products that I use religiously to make sure my hair looks and feels good.

In comes Moroccan Oil products!! Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo and conditionerRestorative Hair Mask and of course the original Moroccan Oil.

The repair shampoo and conditioner is designed to repair chemically damaged hair. Now I've dyed my hair a lot over the years I've been purple, light brown, blonde, black, as well as getting it relaxed (chemically straightened) every 6-8 weeks. So trust me... my hair has battled with chemicals. After using these products my hair feels thicker, and softer which is great because after a relax my hair tends to feel horrible and crispy!

Between shampooing and conditioning, I use a Restorative Hair Mask. Once again this is great for chemically damaged hair. It claims to penetrate into your hair to regain strength and elasticity lost by chemicals. This mask is full of protein, which makes your hair a lot healthier and shiny. I thought protein was only good for abs ;). After shampooing you have to leave it in your hair for around 7-10 for it to really get into your hair roots.

After all that I finally use Moroccan Oil. I'm sure you've read in the blogassphere about this wonder product and it certainly lives up to the hype. I've been using it about a year and my hair has become thicker, shinier and there's been less breakage. All these products have the same pleasant smell.

Moroccan Oil products can be quite expensive whether you buy online or in a shop. Feel unique is the cheapest place I've found it. They also do smaller versions- almost like samples- that cost less. I tend to buy these as these products last quite a while.

As this is a blog post about hair i'll tell you about another product I'm trying out. It's called Biotin. I've done some research and it apparently helps with hair growth as well as normal functioning of the nervous system! I intend to use for a couple of months so there will be a review!

Anyone else love Moroccan Oil or are you someone that hates it? Have you tried Biotin and can give me advice on it? Comment Below, and give me a follow :)



Mariah's Monday Manicure

Hello guys, I'm alive. I apologise for being MIA, I got into a bit of a blogging funk, but I am back with some cool posts this week. Now I know it's not Monday, but I NEED to show you my manicure for this week. 

Nail colour: Models Own- Speckled Eggs Magpie and Duck

Why did you chose this colour: Because it's Easter!!

Nail Shape: long and square... I think I need a chop soon guys 

Any nail art: not needed... Look how badass these look?

I got these 2 for £8 in Superdrug, so get them now. It takes about three coats it get it looking really good, but goes on so nicely. I think I may buy more Models Own polishes!

I promise I won't leave it so long to blog next time guys! How have you been? How was your Easter?

Dress Sale!!!

Hey lovelies,

I'm selling some of my dresses! I need to make some room in my closet so picked out some old favourites for ya!

PRIMARK Pink Bodycon Dress
Size 10
Selling for : £5

BOOHOO Yellow cut out dress
Size 8
Selling for: £10

BOOHOO Mustard Dress
Size: M/L
Selling for: £8

Size: 10
Selling for: £8

LOVE LABEL Polka dot and black dress
Size: 8
Selling for: £15

If any if these catch your eye just mail me on starlasays@hotmail.co.uk and we can talk deets! I'm also putting these up on an new app called Shpock. It's like a flea market on an app! You can download it on android or iPhone 


Review: Perfect Eyelashes - Glam*

Howdy Beautifuls. I've got beauty review for all you ladies getting ready on a Friday night!!

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted and asked to try out a pair of eyelashes. With loads of glammed up events to go to I imediately said yes!

Perfect Eyelashes are a company that originally did eyelash extensions. Recently they have released their line of strip lashes and I was fortunate enough to try them out.

Currently there are four different types of lashes. Intense, Natural, Volume and Glam. They each have their own style and create a different look.

As I knew I'd use them for my birthday, I went for glam.

I'm not the best person at putting on eyelashes- I normally get pre-glued to save the hassle. Unfortunately these lashes don't come with glue so I used some eyelure eyelash glue. I was surprised at how easy these were to put on. They feel so weightless and flexible. I've come to the conclusion that because they are made from real hair they are easier to work with.  I always find with putting on other lashes, once I press it onto the corner of my eye the other sticks up so uncomfortably. With these lashes it was so flexible I could bend it round to stick to the other corner a lot faster.

I have nothing but positive things to say about these lashes. These are the first lashes that have stayed on all night for me and I'm actually able to reuse them! They didn't look too fake either, I had people ask of I got eyelash extensions! 

I do love the packaging as well. It's black and pink which makes it all sexy and flirty. It also say 'you are beautiful' on the inside which is ridiculously sweet.

If I ever accidentally destroy or lose one of these eyelashes I will definitely buy another pair!

Me using them on my birthday... taking photos of my eyes is so difficult!!
What do you guys think of these lashes? I'm actually wearing them for the third time tonight for drinks with some college friends. Any tips for putting eyelashes on quickly? Comment below!!



My Trip to Paris

Hiya! Major apologies for being a crappy blogger, but the last week or two I've been celebrating my birthday, and doing lots of mad rushes around London. If you follow my twitter or instagram you would know I spent it in the city of love and fashion... Paris. Best boyfriend of the year award goes to Teddy I think!

Eiffel Tower!

Having to leave my house at 4.45 wasn't ideal, but we arrived in Paris at 10am. We had booked a hotel that had more of an apartment feel and it was gorgeous. It felt like a house away from home rather than a hotel that you just stay in for the night.

Outside my hotel!

As we got to our hotel early, we just put our bags down and decided to explore. We've both had been Paris before, but never together so it was fun bringing our knowledge together. First stop was the Eiffel Tower. The queue for the lift was ridiculously long so we just walked around it. 

Once we were allowed in the hotel we went for a quick nap as we were exhausted. Then it was back exploring Paris and the Metro line. We went to the Louvre which is free if you show your passport/Drivers Licence.

After all that walking around and travelling we decided to head back to our hotel. Now, I'm far from a foodie, and Paris is ridiculously expensive food wise so we were very naughty and got McDonold's. I always think McDonold's tastes better everywhere but England!

It got to Midnight which means it was officially my birthday. Teddy got me the most amazing promise ring. EMPHASIS on promise guys. I'm currently wearing it underneath my infinity ring but here I'm just wearing it on its own.

Diamonds are forever

My second birthday present was a trip to Disneyland! I'm just a big kid and some of my favourite films are Disney ones. We got there for 10am (when it opens!) and the first thing I bought was my Minnie ears. You cant explore Disneyland without them!!

Teddy and I at Disneyland 

Disneyland was so much fun, we went on all of the rides and just acted like big kids! I was disappointed there was no churros around though. 

For lunch we went to Lucky Nugget and had chips, ribs and onion rings...yum


The service there was amazing. So quick and easy you would think it was a mcdonalds!

After a long day pretending I was still in single digits, we headed back to the hotel and lounged about being silly watching my favourite Simpsons episodes.

So it came to our last day and there was one thing I really wanted to do. The Love Lock bridge. For those of you that don't know, the love lock bridge is where couples place a padlock onto the bridge and throw the key in the River so your love lasts forever.  Teddy chose the lock and I asked why it wasn't like the normal ones and he simply said 'when have we ever been normal?' *swoon*. 

We then took a walk by the Champs-Elyees and my god.... The shops. Louis Vutton, Cartier, Dior. I was in fashion heaven with my €28! Alas I couldn't afford a thing, and walking past Ellie Saab was one of the hardest things I've ever done. After that it was back to the Eurostar to take us home. 

I haven't traveled much in my years, but I believe Paris was one of the best places I've been to. In honesty I would move in a heartbeat. I would have to get better at French but it's one of the beautiful places I've been and I can't wait to go again

My favourite crisps in the world! Come to England pleaseeee

Strawberry Tart I had been craving for weeks!!

Have any of you guys been? What did you enjoy doing?
And look..I changed up my blog! There's social media buttons and a new header...I'm so proud of myself!
 Comment below as usual my lovelies :) 

Review: Sephora -Rouge Shine No3- Tenderness

I feel like I've been looking for a nude lipstick for most of my life, when really it's since I've been watching and obsessing over Kim Kardashian.

Whilst in Paris I visited the beauty blogger holy land - Sephora. I could have easily spent the whole day and every last euro I had in there but I don't think Teddy would have been very happy.

After looking and testing out practically every lipstick I found Rouge Shine- Tenderness.

First of all I love the packaging. I like the length of it, it feels more elegant than the lipsticks that are shorter. I also love how the sephora sign is embedded into the lipstick.

Ahhh the love I have for this lipstick has no boundaries. It's a glossy lip colour and I can see it has sparkly, metallic undertones. It feels lighter on my lips compared to other lipsticks I have, and because of this its also a great substitute for a high shine lip gloss.

I wore this on the night of my birthday party. It kept my lips hydrated throughout the night and didn't cake on my lips.

Very booby and intoxicated

I think I would purchase another lipstick from Sephora... Once I get a job and can afford to buy online! Have any of you guys got anything from Sephora before? Do I look like a weird Barbie with it on? Comment below as usual :)


What I Wore - Paris Edition

Hello there! Recently I've felt like my blog needs a more fashion focus at times. I love fashion but I don't exactly feel fashionable. I honestly never feel pretty enough to take photos of myself and always feel silly.

I've been talking to a lot of Fashion Bloggers on twitter and their main advice was just to have fun with fashion and enjoy taking photos. So I bring you a couple of posts of me in Paris...a city known for its fashion!

Sunglasses: ASOS
Jacket: ASOS
T-shirt: New Look
Trousers: Boohoo
Shoes: Random Market

I actually planned my outfits for Paris weeks in advance. I felt like I should show off what little style I have! I saw these trousers on Boohoo and instantly fell in love. I can't seem to go anywhere without seeing someone wearing tartan these days. What drew me to the trousers was the 7/8 length. Ughhhh to die for!! My top says Hopeless Romantic and I thought it was plain as well as cute so bought it instantly. 

Playsuit: Boohoo
Converse: Office

The next day was my birthday and we celebrated it in Disneyland! I figured since we would be walking around all the different lands I would wear comfy shoes and to me this means my trusty white(ish) converse. I wanted to be quite girly so I decided to buy my first playsuit. I thought it looked lovely with the little hearts on it.

And that's my first proper fashion post! Hopefully you guys enjoyed it and want me to do more. Comment below as usual

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Top Five: Birthday Party Etiquette

Hey Lovelies, as you know it was my birthday last week. After spending time in Paris I had a birthday gathering at a cocktail bar. It was then when I noticed some people just didn't have the right birthday party attitude so I figured I should write a blog post about it.

1. Leave the Dad dancing to your Dad.
Please don't be that girl/boy busting out some serious old bad skool moves on the dance floor. You might cause an accident.

2. If you aren't going to turn up, it's best to text/call the host
Hearing it from someone else isn't the best way to get an invite to next years birthday. Who would want that?!

3. Do not get emotional and pass out in the toilet (especially after 3 Malibus and cokes)
Being a sloppy abusive drunk is not attractive 

4. Never look better than the birthday girl/boy
They most likely put a lot of effort into that outfit. By looking better than them you've most likely spoilt their night, and will forever be a bitch in their eyes

5. Get chatting to people! 
Don't be the person/people separated from the group. Especially if you know people there. You look like a pretentious douche.

EXTRA TIP: Do not get off with birthday girl/boys family members
The birthday girl/boy has enough going on without that tattooed on their brain.

HAHA okay okay, clearly I'm not being serious...It's April Fools and I'm not even that bitchy. I wrote this with my best friend and boyfriend who picked out highlights of the night. I really enjoyed myself and was surrounded by some of my best friends who made turning 23 a lot of fun!!

Have you guys got any jokey Birthday Party Etiquette that I've missed? Or a funny story that happened at a party? As always...comment below.