Review: Nip + Fab Tummy Fix

Hello Lovelies! How are you all? Spring has arrived in England and its lovely!!

A while ago I reviewed Nip and Fab's Bust Fix and was amazed at the results, so a few weeks later I bought Tummy Fix

I am obsessed with having the perfect bikini body in time for my holiday to Crete, so when I read that Tummy fix can help with the appearance of abs I was excited.

It claims that it sculpts and promotes elasticity and make skin appear firmer. 

The texture is like bust fix- a gel, but does leave your hands a tad sticky for a bit. It doesn't have a smell which is good cause I thought it may have a clinical smell for some reason!

Once again Nip and Fab have a winner on their hands. Within a week and a half I noticed my stomach looked better and flatter. It also felt a lot smoother and some of my stretch marks had faded slightly. 

Still, I figured that all this could be because of all the stomach exercises I do daily. So as an experiment I took a week off exercising to see if I could still see definition. And I did! My stomach still looked as though I was working out.

I think along with exercise and healthy eating, tummy fix is a perfect product to get you ready for summer.

I'm not THAT comfortable posting stomach photos hence the lack of, but I definitely feel like I can see more definition and abs. I've also bought upper arm fix which I will post a review about next week. Here's a preview... It's AWESOME!

What do you guys think of nip and fab products? Have you tried any? Comment below my loves .

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  1. Have tried products like this before but they've never really worked on me. Perhaps I should give this a go! How much are they? x

    Hannah @ FashionistaDigital

    1. I'm always sceptical about these products. But I found this worked for me!

      Silly me for not writing it down! It's 19.25 from Superdrug

  2. I've tried the spot fix and its amazing but I'm probably gonna go straight out and buy the tummy fix now! Hello summer body :0) thanks for sharing

    Katy xxx

    1. I really need to get spot fix. They don't sell it in shops so I'm gonna have to get it online!

      Awh I'm glad my post helped


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