Mariah's Monday Manicure - Five

Hello lovelies, once again I have to apologise for lack of updates this week. I've been celebrating my birthday! Some interesting posts about that coming up ;)

Nail Colour: Ciate's Looking Glass

Why did you choose this colour?: My mum and boyfriend both got me gorgeous rings for my 23rd so I needed some extra sparkle!

Luca loves it!

Nail Shape: Mid length and round

Any Nail Art: Too sparkly to touch!

I'm thinking of making my nails that long and pointy shape all the celebrites have when they get fake nails done. Do you guys think it will work with natural nails? Comment below and help me!

And I really apologise for the crappy photos, my new camera wont let me upload *sad face*. I hope it gets better in time for my next blog post!

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