Mariah's Monday Manicure- Three

Okay so i officially suck at posting this and another post on Sundays. So I have decided to do it on Mondays and give it a new new name: Mariah's Monday Manicure!! Can you tell I'm a sucker for a bit of alliteration?

Nail Colour: Rimmels Midnight Skinny dip

Why did you chose this colour?: I liked the name, and I have to be professional this week so I wanted a dark but still lovely colour. Also, boots had 3 for 2 and I needed another colour!

Nail shape: short and square still! Last week I got asked if my nails were real because the shape looks fake. Do they?!

Any nail art?: Once again I'm slacking on the nail art. But recently I've found the colours too nice with no need to jazz it up!
I think Luca likes being scratched with these nails!

Any ideas for what colour I should have next week? Bright or Dark? Matte or high gloss? Comment below my lovelies




I love reading your comments and will always reply xoxo