Mariah's Monday Manicure - Five

Hello lovelies, once again I have to apologise for lack of updates this week. I've been celebrating my birthday! Some interesting posts about that coming up ;)

Nail Colour: Ciate's Looking Glass

Why did you choose this colour?: My mum and boyfriend both got me gorgeous rings for my 23rd so I needed some extra sparkle!

Luca loves it!

Nail Shape: Mid length and round

Any Nail Art: Too sparkly to touch!

I'm thinking of making my nails that long and pointy shape all the celebrites have when they get fake nails done. Do you guys think it will work with natural nails? Comment below and help me!

And I really apologise for the crappy photos, my new camera wont let me upload *sad face*. I hope it gets better in time for my next blog post!

Review: Blackhead Killer*

Hey lovelies, jheez it feels like I'm talking to more readers every time I post. So hello new followers!!

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by StyleLux and was asked to try Blackhead Killer Peel Off Face Mask and since I love a face mask in my Sunday pamper routine I accepted.

Blackhead Killer claims that it sucks the oil and bacteria and blackheads out of your skin within minutes. It also removes the dead cells on top of your skin so it should be clearer once peeled off.

I opened the packet to find it was a black face mask!! My best friend Becca laughed and said I looked like I had latex on my face. I applied a couple layers to my face. It has an odd smell- kind of medicinal. Luckily it wasn't too overbearing which was great.


After 10 minutes of singing and dancing around to My Chemical Romance's Greatest Hits waiting for it to dry it was time to peel it off. This was easy, but in places that I put too much on it still was wet and sticky.

It looks like ripped bin liner when you peel it off.

After I had washed the rest off with warm water and did my usual facial routine.

I think Blackhead Killer is a great mask. I definitely found my face less oily, and that my troublesome spots had got smaller. You can buy it [HERE]


Review: MAC Heroine Lipstick

Hello lovelies, I've been a terrible blogger and haven't written a review in while. A while ago on Twitter I asked everyone if I should buy MAC heroine lipstick and the answers were mainly YES!

I couldn't help putting it near my purple bed sheets, and lilac nails

Heroine has been a limited edition in MAC but it's now here to stay. It's also my first MAC lippy- and it won't be my last! 

It's a lovely matte purple and comes out darker than I expected. I think colours like This look great on pale skin types. I may not like her music much but Lorde can rock a dark lip. So me being black I was nervous of how it would look.

I love how moisturing this lipstick is. It might be me being a MAC lipstick noob, but I find most dry out my lips after a couple of hours wear so I found it a surprise.

I wore this to a Fall Out Boy gig (no emo comments!) and it lasted all night without a touch up. I also got complimented quite a bit which I was very happy with!

How do you guys think Heroine looks on me? What lipstick should I buy next?

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Blog Your Heart Out Tag

So I was tagged by the lovely Alice over [HERE] to do a blog your heart out post. I havent done a tag post in a while so here it goes..

1. Who/What encouraged you to start blogging?

My mum by accident! She went 'Mariah you have so much beauty crap I don't know why you don't write a book about it'. And voila! Starla Says was born!!

2. How did you choose what topics to blog about?

It depends on what I'm currently using. With baking posts its what ive baked over the weekend and exercise its what has worked for me recently

3. What is something most people don't know about you?

Ummm...I studied Musical Theatre when I was younger

4. What three words describe your style?

That. Looks. Cosy

5.What do you love to do when you're not blogging?

Acting silly with my boyfriend, Shopping, Finding new herbal teas, Yoga

I'm terrible at tagging people. So if you read this and wanna do it...woo!!

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Mariah's Monday Manicure - Four

Hello Beautifuls. Its Monday again? Anyone missing the weekend?

Nail Colour: Rimmels Mary Mary Quite Contrary 

Look at my star bed sheets!! <3

Why Did You Choose This Colour?: I've been wanting a light purple for ages. Just a colour thats almost white with a little colour... I think it's gorgeous

Nail shape?: Short and round! Yes... I went for the serious chop. I think shorter nails look nicer around Spring time. Its also the time when the lighter shades come out!

Any nail art?: Nope *hides face*

This week I was a naughty little spender and bought a couple of the Barry M silk nail polishes. Has anyone tried them? Do they go on nicely?

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OOTD- 5 Year Anniversary

Hey you lovely people
Just thought I'd do a quick Outfit of the Day post.

Today is mine and Teddys 5 year anniversary so we went out for lunch. I think I may do a post about today in the week, but I loved my dress so much I had to share! 

I bought it from Boohoo last month for only £20. Boohoo are great for lovely clothes at affordable prices.

The dress has 3D poppys on the top and I thought it would be a lovely Summer dress. Just be careful around the wind...I learnt that the hard way

Quick Selfie at home so you can see the 3D flowers

Do you guys like my outfit? Ive bought so many dresses from Boohoo for different events this month. So excited to show you all.

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Day Trip to Brighton

Hi lovelies

I've been down these last few weeks. Lost my job, headache lasting a few days and my uncle isn't doing well health wise. So my boyfriend and I decided to take a day trip to Brighton

Now Spring has finally arrived I got to wear a dress! Okay... It was with tights but I was so excited!

Teddy took this... And this was the best of the lot *sigh*

We decided to get there early, our train was at 9.15, but we arrived in Brighton around 11.30. The first shop we went to was a home decor shop. I'm obessed with trying to make my flat look absolutely perfect. The only thing stopping me is my lack of funds and that im far too upicky. We also looked around at the vintage clothes shops. So many beautiful dresses!

I started to get hungry so we absolutely HAD to get fish and chips. Oh my goodness, they were the best I've ever tasted! It was so fresh, and the fish batter was so light. I normally feel really sluggish after fish and chips but that was divine!

Arcade time! I'm not a fan of arcades... I think its because I'm terrible at games and hate failing but Teddy absolutely loves them. But he did fail miserably at getting me a real teddy.

We spent the rest of the day on the pebble beach just talking (and eating doughnuts). It was so relaxing.

Hiiii Teddy!
So there you have it my random day trip to Brighton. Do any of my followers live there? What should I see when I next go?

Comment Below....

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Mariah's Monday Manicure- Three

Okay so i officially suck at posting this and another post on Sundays. So I have decided to do it on Mondays and give it a new new name: Mariah's Monday Manicure!! Can you tell I'm a sucker for a bit of alliteration?

Nail Colour: Rimmels Midnight Skinny dip

Why did you chose this colour?: I liked the name, and I have to be professional this week so I wanted a dark but still lovely colour. Also, boots had 3 for 2 and I needed another colour!

Nail shape: short and square still! Last week I got asked if my nails were real because the shape looks fake. Do they?!

Any nail art?: Once again I'm slacking on the nail art. But recently I've found the colours too nice with no need to jazz it up!
I think Luca likes being scratched with these nails!

Any ideas for what colour I should have next week? Bright or Dark? Matte or high gloss? Comment below my lovelies



Review: Nip + Fab Tummy Fix

Hello Lovelies! How are you all? Spring has arrived in England and its lovely!!

A while ago I reviewed Nip and Fab's Bust Fix and was amazed at the results, so a few weeks later I bought Tummy Fix

I am obsessed with having the perfect bikini body in time for my holiday to Crete, so when I read that Tummy fix can help with the appearance of abs I was excited.

It claims that it sculpts and promotes elasticity and make skin appear firmer. 

The texture is like bust fix- a gel, but does leave your hands a tad sticky for a bit. It doesn't have a smell which is good cause I thought it may have a clinical smell for some reason!

Once again Nip and Fab have a winner on their hands. Within a week and a half I noticed my stomach looked better and flatter. It also felt a lot smoother and some of my stretch marks had faded slightly. 

Still, I figured that all this could be because of all the stomach exercises I do daily. So as an experiment I took a week off exercising to see if I could still see definition. And I did! My stomach still looked as though I was working out.

I think along with exercise and healthy eating, tummy fix is a perfect product to get you ready for summer.

I'm not THAT comfortable posting stomach photos hence the lack of, but I definitely feel like I can see more definition and abs. I've also bought upper arm fix which I will post a review about next week. Here's a preview... It's AWESOME!

What do you guys think of nip and fab products? Have you tried any? Comment below my loves .

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Banana Waffles

Hello my darlings, How are you??

Today on Starla Says, I've got a recipe post. If you follow me on instagram you probably saw a photo of waffles that I was proud of. Teddy had a once in a lifetime day off so I thought I'd treat him with Banana Waffles.

All you need is:
150g Plain Flour
10g Baking Powder
1 egg
240ml of milk
3 bananas 
a sprinkle of nutmeg

and of course a waffle maker

I do love my waffle maker, and I think they're getting cheaper by the day if you look in argos or on amazon.
  • First, turn on your waffle maker to preheat it.

  • Then add your sieved flour,baking powder,sprinkle of nutmeg, milk and eggs into a bowl. Mix it until its nice and smooth.
  • In a separate bowl start mashing your bananas. This is easier and sweeter when the bananas are nice and ripe.
  • When the bananas are nice and mashed add to the mixture and mix all ingredients together
  • Spoon onto your waffle maker- Two tablespoons should make a waffle

  • Depending on your waffle maker it should take 5-8 minutes to make your waffle.
  • Then take it out and plate it up :)

I added golden syrup and extra bananas to mine!
Is this something you would try? I loved it, im gonna find more waffle recipes to make.

Apologies for the terrible photo quality, ive lost my camera!!

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Mariah's Weekly Nails - Two

I had scheduled this to upload on Sunday! So here's my day late weekly nails!

Nail Colour: Barry Ms Gelly Hi Shine - key lime

Why did you chose this colour?: It's GREEN! And reminded me that spring is coming

Nail Shape: Had a little cut from last week, but still short and square

Nail art design?: Nope, I'm getting lazy!