Weekly Nail Routine

Hey lovelies, I've been hiding this last week with beauty posts but I'm back with a new one for you. 

Last week over on my instagram I probably got the most likes on a photo and it's was of my nails. Since secondary school I've had girls ask me tips and advice about my nails. So I've decided to do a post about my nail routine.

My nails are strange. They are super strong and grow super quick. But as it's me, and something is always wrong, I have grooves on them. My doctor actually told me it's due to a vitamin D deficiency. She also said brittle nails could be linked to lack of calcium. Looking at your nails are a good way to check how healthy you are. 

Here's my Sunday routine

1. Take off last weeks nail polish. I use Cutex-ultra cleansing as it has the right vitamins for nail health
Long, horrible and round

2. Shower/Bath- As Sunday is pamper day I use my shower/bath to soak my nails as it makes it easier for my step 3

3. Cut into shape - As I've mentioned, my nails are strong. Using nail clippers they just ping off in odd directions. After a soak they're much easier to manage

Short and Square

4. Nail pamper- Now any nail polish loving lady knows what this is. A 4 way nail buffer is essential for lovely nails. One side for filing,buffing,smoothing and finally polishing. My favourite side is the smoothing as that's what flattens the ridges on my nails. Quick tip- only file one way. If you go back and forth your nails get brittle and are more likely to break!

5. Undercoat, Polish and Top Coat - I personally really hate undercoats because I'm so impatient, but I change my nail colour so often it's needed. I tend to use 2-3 coats of colour depending on the strength of the colour. Lastly I put a top coat of Sally Hensen acrylic top to give it a shiny finish.

And that brings me to my nails of the week
Rimmel- Round and Round in circles

I think I'm gonna start doing a Sunday nail post with tips on nail art and my favourite colours. What do you think? Comment below


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  1. Oooh thanks for pointing me in this direction! Looks like the perfect shade xxx


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