Vitamin E Skin Oil

Ladies, I have a skin product that I found absolutely amazing! I haven't stopped raving about it to my friends so I thought I better blog about it! Volia Vitamin E oil. I spoke about a little bit in my spotty blog post (which you can find here) but I think it really deserves its own post.

My boyfriend had started calling me a hippie because I keep trying to find natural remedies for things, but as I was researching acne I found this wonder oil. 

It's perfect for smooth, supple skin. It also helps with the damage the environment does to our skin. It sounds silly but I didn't realise how pollution can affect our skin so much! I recomend you do a google search about it.

I use it at night before I sleep. I apply three drops to my fingertips and rub onto my face. I normally forget to turn off the bathroom light, or leave the oven on, so by the time I get back under my sheets it's mostly absorbed into my skin. In the morning when I wash my face it just feels amazing. It feels like a baby's skin, I cant even describe it.

I've bought Superdrugs own brand of vitamin E products, and it only cost £2.99. I also have bought the eye make up remover from this range which is cheap and great.
Unfortunately, Vitamin E is pretty low down in the ingredient list. So I think I'll search for a purer bottle once I'm done with this one. Nevertheless, this works a treat! It's revitalised my face and made me look brighter and ready for action.

Anyone used any other Vitamin E products? Or can tell me where to get a purer version?
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